Old new year in Sichuan was tied to the tree whose son allegedly suspected Alzheimer

Family member: elderly people not able to think clearly, not tied to lost

Attorney: wrong, serious crimes would constitute an abuse

Police: check the matter, and if so will be dealt with according to law

Old new year in Sichuan was tied to the tree, whose son allegedly suspected Alzheimer's disease wandered

Chaining by families in housing for the elderly under the trees.

On February 3, the Weiyuan, neijiang city, Sichuan village of xinchang town upstream villagers, a local family during Spring Festival more than 80 year old chaining outside under the trees, very poor. Yesterday, the Chengdu business newspaper interview confirms that in recent months during the day, the old man was tied to a tree. Their son and daughter-in-law, said elderly suspected Alzheimer’s disease, when not tied, often ran out and lost.

Returning villagers:

Man was chaining family tree a few months

The upper village of Zheng bin (not his real name) usually work in the field, after returning home for Spring Festival this year, learned from a friend, a more than 80-year old high school with chaining by families under a tree outside the House.

On February 3, Zheng bin and visiting with their friends at the xinchang town, woman found near the hospital, the old man sitting under a tree outside the House, a chain tied together the old man’s right hand and tree. “Saw very poor at that time, more than 80 years old like a dog tied to a tree by their families.”

When elderly people and no one else, Zheng bin and bought some cakes and bananas sent to the old man. “Show her when she eats. “Zheng bin said, he learned from neighbors, in recent months, including during the Chinese new year, old chaining by family members all day under a tree.

Elderly family member:

Suspected risk of Alzheimer’s is not tied to lost

Yesterday, after a reporter received a clue to xinchang town, in rental housing for the elderly to see the old man and his son, daughter-in-law, and so on. At this point, the family chain of old hands have been solved, accompanying old man sitting in the courtyard. “Just give her a bath, not yet finished. “The old man’s son Yonggui Wang said, at about 11 o’clock in the morning, chains of the elderly they will be solved for the elderly, a bath.

It is understood that the old man named Xu Chunrong (sound), there are 3 daughters and 2 sons. Has a daughter and a son, two daughters, married to other villages and towns in Weiyuan. Yonggui Wang said they a xinchang town victory village, 3 years ago as a child reading in this rental. Prior to that, he had to talk with sisters and brothers, each family took turns to take care of his mother. But last year, after his mother back, only the mother to a sister for two months, “other (siblings) don’t care, give money, but some haven’t.”

Yonggui Wang the couple acknowledged that since last October or November, the mother was under the tree by chaining. “I’m a person out, feed a family of 5 people. “Yonggui Wang says, usually is a wife at home to care for her mother and child. But in recent years, the mother not able to think clearly, doctors said might be suffering from Alzheimer’s. When not tied, mothers often go out alone for the lost, or other villagers saw the return of the police station. Mother always found in the garbage some dead chickens, ducks and other home inside the refrigerator, or thrown in front of other villagers. In addition, the mother free toilet at home, often wet your pants. Yonggui Wang’s wife, Tang Mou said inevitably some chores to do at home, occasionally going out to buy food. “When no tie, a little inattentive, turn around, and she ran out. “In recent months, she was tied for the elderly under the trees in the morning, to shut the old man sleeping in the room after dinner. “Not us, we weren’t hungry to her.”

Local police:

As soon as practicable, if true will be dealt with according to law

Nearby villagers also confirmed that in recent months, the old man under the tree by chaining. Many villagers said they were difficult to understand, “the old man suffering from senile dementia, and family, no matter how difficult, it should treat the elderly.”

Director of upstream villages lived in Yonggui Wang rental housing hundreds of metres away, he told reporters, after the old man tied by chains, he has persuaded his family to treat the elderly, children to want to support the old, take turns taking care of the elderly, not to let the old man tied by chains. Yesterday’s 17:30, new police station said, will check the matter as soon as possible, such as verify is true, will be dealt with according to law. Unpaid 68 aged 4 years migrant workers didn t

Some lawyers say: is the severe consequences of abuse, would constitute abuse

Tahota law firm Liao Hua believes that children have the obligation to support the old, the old man’s son and daughter-in-law chaining, such as lived with Alzheimer’s elderly, in order to prevent getting lost is OK, but the method is wrong. Children should be personalized support, if there is a child regardless of the food and drink for the elderly and other serious circumstances, their behavior constituted the crime of abuse. Moreover, other children should do their maintenance obligations.

Tahota law firm lawyer Lee right thought, son and daughter-in-law for the elderly is already an abuse, as they do not scatter or serious consequences, constitute abuse. (Formerly titled new year tied to torture under the tree of filial piety)


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