CHENZHOU State Council approved 6 26 traffic accident investigation report 21

Recently, the State Council approval in Chenzhou, Hunan province Yi feng Expressway “6·26” particularly serious road traffic accident investigation report. Investigation team under the State Council found that the accident was particularly serious production safety accidents, 21 corporate officers and persons suspected of crime personnel investigation and the imposition of criminal compulsory measures. Sichuan changning villagers were buried to death

On June 26, 2016, Yi-feng Expressway in Chenzhou city, Hunan province, yizhang, a bus collision occurred the burning fire of a particularly serious road traffic accidents, which left 35 people dead, 13 injured, more than 22.9 million yuan of direct economic loss. Survey finds, accident of directly reasons for: driving people Liu Dahui fatigue driving caused vehicles runaway, and Road Central guardrail occurred times collision, led to vehicles tank damaged, and diesel leak, right front wheel to outside side dumping, wheel Shang of bolt nut and ground continued friction produced high temperature, caused leak diesel and vehicles fire; vehicles stop Shi its right Qian angle tight got road side concrete guardrail, door was block cannot effective expand, car within passengers cannot timely evacuation, and security hammer not by provides placed in car within, Passengers unable to break Windows to escape, causing heavy casualties. Survey finds, accident of indirect reasons for: Hunan Hengyang June up tourism passenger limited not effective implementation driver rest system and anti-fatigue driving system, not by provides carried out vehicles dynamic monitoring and emergency management the work; Hunan scenery international travel agency limited, units illegal violations engaged in tourism business activities, exists illegal lending travel agency business business license, and not and visitors signed tourism contract, problem; Hengyang City traffic transport sector violations will tourism tours passenger logo brand across district concentrated issued, On passenger enterprise safety regulatory work form; Hengyang City police make tube sector on tourism tours, focus operating vehicles of road law enforcement and daily tube control exists weaknesses; Hengyang City tourism industry regulatory sector on area within travel agency and the service dot illegal violations carried out tourism business activities of problem oversight; Hengyang City Government no firm set security development concept, on safety work attention degree enough, not by legal provides strengthening on safety work of led.

Investigation team to 42 persons dealing with comments. Among them, the public security and procuratorial organs had 21 corporate officers and suspected of crime personnel investigation and the imposition of criminal compulsory measures of Hengyang City Vice Mayor Liu zhengxing 21 local government and related departments staff party discipline and administrative discipline punishment. In addition, entrust Hengyang, Hunan provincial people’s Government and municipal party Committee and Government made deep inspection; related to entrusted the Hunan provincial people’s government organizations enterprises involved in the sector and related violations of administrative sanctions. (This article was originally entitled the CHENZHOU, State Council approved “6·26” particularly serious accident investigation report: of the 21 were filed for investigation)


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