Hunan man cable Internet cafes had been stabbed hit the pot head two suspected

Conflicts arising from borrowing data cable charging, a man in Hunan by two teenage boys hit in the Internet cafes, after elbows, stabbed, hit by pot head. After video surfaced, many netizens message said “left it too hard”. Some netizens pointed out, xupu County, Hunan province, Hua Qiao Zhen.

On January 6, the xupu County Public Security Bureau personnel to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed the above said shortly after the early morning of December 25, 2016, the two suspects fled and has not been caught. At present, the Board have made investigations in criminal cases.

This time 3 minutes 07 seconds of video, two black teenagers were beaten a man, do not stop by the man to the ground. 32 seconds of the video, a thinner black teenager suddenly left the monitoring range, just 8 seconds after the teenager with a fruit knife in his hand back, stabbed directly to the hit man’s waist. Later, three people were onlookers away.

The 58th second, beaten after standing up from the ground, boy suddenly jumped from behind with a knife, a knife in his chest. Was then slumped to the ground, and the other a black short sleeve youth continue to beat. But the hit is not over, knife in the juvenile after standing up from the ground, hands knife stab was hit in a row, the abdomen.

The end of the video, is lying in front of the computer desk, young raised a flowerpot with short sleeves and slammed into his head, pound out the head. Later, the two men will be out of the scope. Media micro signal manual brush weight 1800 Yuan

Surging news notes that the whole process of beating, juvenile 17 times with a knife stabbed to the hitters, and has not been resistance. When the fight occurred, many Internet users come forward to block failed.

Xupu County Public Security Bureau told the word news, two batterer for 15 years and 16 years respectively, both were drunk when the incident, victims find their borrowed mobile phone data cable while charging conflict. Certificate of victim injury results to “serious injuries”, the suspect’s family has been more than 10,000 medical expense, the injured being treated in hospital.

At present, the xupu County Public Security Bureau have made criminal case investigation, determination to strictly to combat.


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