China Skynet action stage victory was recovered more than 900 people

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Reference news, January 2, foreign media said Chinese authorities said the 2016 recovered the flight 122 members and State officials, as well as billions of Yuan in illicit money.

According to the United Kingdom the guardian December 31, 2016, Central Commission for discipline inspection of the CPC anti-corruption body said that as of November 2016, total recovery of proceeds of about 2.3 billion yuan.

According to the Commission’s website said, “SkyNet” action from more than 70 countries and regions recovered the flight of illegal income of corrupt officials using public.

Reported in 2016, the successful recovery of flight staff of more than 900 people, of which 122 were party members and State functionaries. The ccdi vowed to redouble efforts to focus on key countries, closer cooperation with the foreign forces in the fight against corruption. China s 20 million yuan of emergency humanitarian

November 2016, “hundreds of red notices” the number one suspects, Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of construction, the original Yang Xiuzhu absconded after 13 years abroad, returning to surrender.

June 2016, “Tong personnel, hundreds of red,” Zeng Ziheng voluntarily from Canada to return home. He was an engineer, Henan province.

There was time Western countries wish to assist in the extradition of criminal suspects.

In 2015, after holding talks in China and top security officials, United States expressed their support for China’s action to catch the flight of corrupt officials. However, it is not clear under the leadership of Donald Trump, how this cooperation will develop. He will take office on January 20, 2017 United States President.

According to Singapore the Straits Times website reported on December 31, 2016, the ccdi website has launched a year-end series of video interviews. According to ccdi Deputy Secretary for international cooperation, Cai Wei introduced in 2016, 1 to November, “SkyNet” action from more than 70 countries and regions a total recovery of flight 908 people, including party members and State functionaries, 122 “hundreds of red through personnel” 19 people, recover stolen money 2.312 billion yuan.

“Hundreds of Red general staff” caught employing 37 people, total number of more than one-third. In particular, the “hundred red pass personnel” top 5 out of 4 people at large, the other a criminal prosecution by us; number one suspect Yang Xiuzhu took 13 years to flee in disorder in 6 countries, 3 applications for political asylum after a failed final were from the United States urged countries of return; yanyongming has offered to New Zealand after paying large fines to stand trial, to achieve “caught in furniture was, both the punishment fit the crime”. Pursuit-evasion recover booty made a major initial victory.

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, December 30, a senior anti-corruption official said the Mainland, Hong Kong and the Mainland should join hands to hunting for fugitive officials, do not make the city a safe haven for fleeing cadres.

Pro-institutional magazine Bauhinia quoted Secretary for international cooperation of the Central Commission for discipline inspection, Liu Jianchao said Beijing is determined to crack down on corruption.

Liu vowed “not allowing Hong Kong to be corrupt and a safe haven for their ill-gotten gains”, but he said pursuit challenge problems and recover booty.

He said: “some corrupt people in the mainland using mainland and fled to Hong Kong Hong Kong’s legal, institutional differences, found hiding hiding places in Hong Kong or use Hong Kong as a springboard, to flee to a third country or area. ”

The official said, the Mainland and Hong Kong should strengthen information sharing, expedite anti-money laundering and asset return channels of cooperation, such as mutual aid, even joint case.

Liu disclosed in an interview, since 2014 full pursuit recover booty work, a total of 2442 people recovered flight, including staff of 397, recover booty amounted to over 8.5 billion yuan.

Liu said: “no matter how far or how long runs, no matter how hard it is, we will never cease pursuit of the footsteps. ”

In another article published in the magazine, Bai Yun Liu of the Hong Kong ICAC Commissioner wrote that in the fight against corruption and crime, cooperation has been working with the Mainland in Hong Kong.

Source: reference news network

Original title: foreign media: China

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