Local news featured More than 400 students smog day grounds open examination

In the photo, the weather gray, in an outdoor soccer field, many students do papers half squatting down on the stool, because of the heavy fog, students shadow behind the second row is very fuzzy. (Source: Berlin) China s 20 million yuan of emergency humanitarian

“Henan” 400 haze day playground examination for students: principal suspended

According to the Berlin news, Anyang, Henan province, in recent days the air quality index table of continuous burst, linzhou Lin Qi Zhen is not only not in accordance with the notification of the Board are closed, has also organized more than 400 students on the playground open examination. The morning of December 21, at this point, linzhou City Council for education and sport issued a bulletin, referred to in the notification, taught in linzhou City Council asked the city’s schools and kindergartens will be closed starting from December 19, 12:00, until classes resume after red alert lifted. But Lin Qi Middle suspension notice in disregard for education and body, not only there is no holiday for students, student exams in the playground.

Linzhou City Sports Office will be decided by the Secretary of education, entrusted the profound examination of Lin Qi Center school, criticized throughout the city; Lin Qi Han Baohe Central School principal quit talk obliged immediately stop our President Mr Frederick FUNG Lin Qi Center planning functions, for investigation and settlement.

Comments: heavy pollution weather and school closing schools is not only directly related to the health of school teachers and students, but also the direct reflection of the strong sense of duty of due diligence is not strong, but on heavy pollution weather emergency plan implementation of how a test. Therefore, the fog days in the school organization student open-air in exams, potential health damage from smog to a minor point of view, the school’s practices, especially organizers of failing schools.

(Test site, source: Dahe website)

“Guangdong” accounting embezzlement 7.13 million sent his girlfriend to go to Korea cosmetic sentenced to 8 years

According to the Guangzhou daily news, Guangdong food drug administration under accounting Shi Junfei, in order to meet their own consumption and his girlfriend, willing to take the risk, use private landfill approval and private unit invoice, such as misappropriation of 7.13 million Yuan, a few days ago by the Guangzhou intermediate court sentenced to eight years on charges of embezzlement, and the recovery of the proceeds of crime. It is understood that the money in less than a year away, most of the money for luxuries my girlfriend, girlfriends mothers House, also sent his girlfriend to go to Korea plastic surgery.

Comment: Shi Junfei behavior had constituted the crime of embezzlement, but are deserving of, will remember the corporate bodies could be so simple and easy for embezzlement, where regulation has gone. Also, a subordinate unit of the food and drug administration, there is such a big loophole, what are the other departments? These needs local discipline inspection departments for further investigation.

“Shaanxi” Xian official mad money 12: assets of millions of gold 600 kg

According to China daily reports, 12 years of bribery 45.47 million, nearly 600 kg of gold, with 55.61 million property with unidentified sources, the average daily income of 21,500. Behind the staggering figure was 12 years Yang Dianzhong crazy corruption, tenders, personnel, to intervene, credit, land acquisition, the judiciary’s road to wealth. Yang Dianzhong, Xian municipal party Committee Secretary of the original Committee member, Working Committee of organs directly under the original, served as Party Secretary General. On November 15, 2014, on suspicion of serious offenses by the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for discipline inspection investigation; Yang Dianzhong involved engineering, personnel, bidding, such as credit, land and justice issues, victims or witnesses of cases involving as many as more than 100 people, officials close to 80 people, Deputy Department level cadres at and above accounted for 80%.

Comment on: Yang Dianzhong long of the crime, a huge amount of crime, crimes particularly serious social harm, particularly harsh implications for the party and the country, should be severely punished according to law. Warning this is a public service, nobody outside the law and absolute power, officials of the power is used for the benefit of the civil service, and shouldn’t be a pole Pocket drum brand, not to do lucrative trading power for money.

(Yang Dianzhong, source: Internet)

“Anhui” Hefei, one breath to buy 44 suites have 800,000 subsidies official: no violation

According to Zhong an online news, Yu ‘ an Government websites publish a sparked public information, the public shows, a man in Hefei Yu ‘ an in the same neighborhood to buy 44 homes. According to the local subsidy policies, the owner received a total of about 800,000 yuan subsidy. At present, the public information has been deleted. Reporter contacted on the matter yesterday, Yu ‘ an authority on real estate, a staff member said the homeowner complete instrument procedures, is not illegal. Related departments have specialized meetings dealing with this matter.

Comment: buy into the 44 suites, seemingly all of a sudden for real estate developers to solve problems, also addresses some local governments “inventory” problem, but a person can’t buy many houses, and certainly not for their own needs, the Government is paying “subsidy”, would become a “store room” a form of encouragement.

“Inner Mongolia” female journalists have been domestic violence deaths sat for her husband: drink fragments

Surging, according to news reports, on December 20, Hong Mei suffered fatal domestic violence case, journalists in the Erdos intermediate people’s Court of the first instance court. The Ordos people’s Procuratorate charged, Erdos hangjin County of Inner Mongolia Bureau of quality and technical supervision of the accused worker Hong Mei Jin Zhu and victim (hangjinqi Centre for radio and television journalists) relationship, accused Jin Zhu told the victim Hung Mui had several acts of violence, committed crime of intentional injury. Back in 2001, Red Storm was filing for divorce after the abortion, after Jin Zhu promised not to beat red, not divorce. Since then, violence has continued in October 2013, red plum blossom again as a result of domestic violence caused “occipital bone comminuted depressed fracture” and hospitalized. In the dock, Golden column repeatedly stressed: “I am not evade responsibility until death, what happens in between, I really don’t remember, mind Eraser drink.   ”

Comment: cannot use false excuses to cover up any domestic violence, drunk is not an excuse to shirk their responsibilities, even if not remember, but beating to death, and evidence of domestic violence in his long, so indifferent to the defendant to evade responsibility and apathy towards their wives, judges should look in the eyes.

(Red plum’s husband in court, Jin Zhu. Source: network)

“Guangxi” uncovered “underground banks” frozen in connection with the multi-million dollar

According to Xinhua, 20th, fangchenggang city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau reported that after more than a year of investigation, the Bureau detected “underground banks”, destroyed 4 permanently entrenched in the Sino-Vietnamese border management “underground banks” criminal gangs to freeze funds involved more than 100 million Yuan, suspects of 9. Fangchenggang City Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Huang Yiwu introduction since 2012, 4 criminal gangs in Dongxing, Guangxi to open multiple bank accounts, for illegal currency and Viet Nam Dong exchange rate, payment services, which charge a fee and the exchange rate difference.

Comment: at the junction of China and other countries and regions of the province, these underground banks emerge, was also racked by police. To deal with this kind of underground, more technical and financial means to combat and, of course, relevant legal education on the ground, and contact with the outside world cut off unruly elements in the source is necessary.

“Jiangsu” who registered the death of two of the survivors of the Nanjing massacre left 104

According to a Yangtse evening post network news, end of the year, two of the tragic history of the Nanjing massacre survivors and witnesses did not survive the winter. On December 21, informed the Japanese invading troops killed in the Nanjing massacre Memorial Hall, Nanjing Yi Cuilan elderly Holocaust survivors of sudden heart failure, rescue an invalid, died at 56 hours on the same day, at the age of 94. A few days earlier, Yan Baozhen and Zhang Xiuhong the elderly survivors of the Nanjing massacre and death. At this point, registered only 104 survivors of the Nanjing massacre.

Comment: with the death of two elderly people, registered in Nanjing massacre survivors ‘ average age is more than 85 years of age. We should remember that period of humiliating history, strong efforts to pay their own strength for more care for the running of time are, they are a witness to history.

(Old Yi Cuilan. Source: network)

“Henan” Court online auction fake LV bag fake return market let users RIP

According to the Beijing Youth daily reported that on December 20, yiyang County, Henan province, the people’s Court “judicial Racquet” hangs out on auction items-“arrest Du Xiaoqin high LV bag-like a” hang out just 5 hours, there were more than 2000 onlookers, 3 bid, commodity prices rose by 350 to 450 Yuan, sparking an Internet. Knowing that the article is “high copy” fake Court can use auction? In this regard, yiyang County, court officials say, the items at the auction has been labeled “high copy”, so there is no cheating.

Comment: now, the Court has also tried new ways, we have secondary trading software, can often see a court auction goods. “High LV bag-like” nature could be a legitimate auction is open to question, shall be the executive authorities confiscated fake and inferior products, and should no longer flows to the market, but should not be by way of judicial auctions again to the market.

(Auction screenshots)

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