Of the great wall a faith in film

Of the great wall, a faith in film

As one with “trust” as the theme of the movie, the great wall itself on the subject of commitments and deliver is consistent.

The production cycle of the great wall and publicity for a long cycle, the audience in the film were already known before the official start of the cast, the squad list alone, many people can combine previous experience judging movie quality is good or bad.

After the film, all of the scenes, performances, music and rhythm of Director to the film are perfectly controlled we expect standard is intended, without any attempt to means beyond the expected. Everyone should trust, and promise you a “big” movie will give you a in addition to “big” there is no other film.

After the movie, viewers called Zhang Yimou, unexpected, is essentially a view of “promissory estoppel”, are the lack of spirit of contract performance. To the Director on, down to the actor during the promotional period had never been promised in the press release of the great wall is a great film, Director’s statement focused on the hardships of script writing and filming process, actor said how efforts, none of well-paid for the quality of the film. Audiences did not read the subtext of promotional language, entered the cinema, to the disappointment, his reading comprehension ability not, or have general expectations about Zhang Yimou, in hopes that he can open up a new era of commercial films.

Of the great wall, a faith in film

Theme of the film is “trust”. Two runners died why tragedy always takes place

Development of China’s film market, but is still not mature, Chinese cinema-goers will still reveals a brain’s naïve attitude from time to time, daydreaming about the profound big-name directors to blend flowers. The fantasy is utopian, impossible. Big Director shoulder with implement social core values, guide audience, and education audience of history sense and social sense, personally to break has this superstition–Zhang Yimou is “country Division”, and not Mage, with a people of force turn is Western heroism concept, not meet conditions, also cannot trying history process: China movie market of operation rely on Yu “money rules”, capital oriented zhixia, movie just a products, is good is bad only of evaluation standard is earned didn’t earned to money.

Market rules is not a “rule”, and the destructive power of this rule on the Chinese film is fully exposed. China’s “big times” origins began in Zhang Yimou’s films, he now also became victims of this trend, the unique demands of money into a film, also became the only aspiration of most Chinese filmmakers.

In today’s China of the so-called “big name Director” did not foresee the coming of the era of the movie money rules, in such a time, exposed their weakness is generally lack–imagination, could only take what they believe. This imagination of lack in took “large” Shi especially obviously, from promise to banquet again to today of wall, Director are on China traditional culture of understanding stay in sea, and gunpowder, and wall these symbol sex of things Shang, because no root, thus cannot this based Shang germinal out new of things, all imagine of product are stay in children stage, each other no associated, whole Department works into has children Jane strokes, no characters, only symbol; no emotional, only event.

Of the great wall, a faith in film

As most of which large Director, Zhang Yimou, even things that we once believed lost. Most of the central characters in his films is “single-minded”, sorgo field of nine children, to file a lawsuit in the story, find student Wei Minzhi, even to the later Qin’s killer, is not so free. Now support people activity bars have been picked off, the Director lost his soul, just a routine task. And Zhang Yimou’s task is tough, and difficult to make one despair, this task is jintian.

Of the great wall, a faith in film

Jing Tian and Zhang Yimou.

Zhang Yimou to overcome difficulties to hand over this answer did not disappoint, instead be caught dead in a front of shame. 21st century almost the last one-fifth, the Chinese film inside the so-called “international” remains the same as in the Qing dynasty “Nations to North Korea”, a Harvard dropout Matt Damon is to experience life the way to accompany the rich Lady in China to practice oral English teaching to make money.

Jintian is a Chinese actress, heterogeneous, and cannot be assigned to any category. She is the symbol of the capital, is a symbol of resources, as well as a black hole for capital and resources, to throw nothing will see output. Jintian itself constitutes a paradox in Chinese film: not as sweet as King, the film had no money shot; the jintian, taken out of the film not only make money, reputation is not wishful thinking.

Not merely as measured by the standard criticism of the actress or King sweet, she is a super strong influence itself completely uncontrollable factors, cannot be tamed, cannot be ruled out, jintian there has risen to the subject area of economics or philosophy, more research is needed in wisdom and policy discussions and solutions.


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