Flight delays in trying to break through the security line at the airport in

November 3 at 20 o’clock, civil aviation airports in Qinghai Province Public Security Bureau received a staff police said due to the weather, MU2760 flights to Nanjing, Zhengzhou/delays, multiple passenger rage, requesting police.

After receiving the police, quickly mobilize police forces, Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene immediately disposed of. On arrival at the scene and found that many of the flights passengers boarding gathered in mouth around negotiations with airline staff, civilian police on the emotional side of passenger patient persuasion and education, assist the gate ticket inspectors to maintain public order. During the disposal process, three passengers to incite visitors to make trouble, denial of the ticket, not staff to dissuade lead broke into the areas controlled by the gate, passengers to break through security lines, had rushed to the bridge forced the flight compartment doors closed, a security guard right shoulder were passengers of a bite, the police take immediate enforcement measures, Zhao and other three people forced away from the scene.

According to the investigation, Zhao and other three people to incite visitors to make trouble, lead in areas controlled by the rush the gate, insulted, attacked the airport staff, clear facts, evidence, Zhao x, three people pleaded guilty to the violations committed. According to the People’s Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security provisions of article 23rd according to law Five-10, administrative detention against Zhao trio.

Travel by air encounter phenomena such as flight delays, cancellations, passengers should find out the reason, listen to airport and airline personnel arrangements, use of lawful means to protect their own interests, not aggressive behavior. Shanghai golden week total of 9 27 million people

(Originally entitled the civil aviation airports in Qinghai public security case disposal disturb public order at the airport of success)


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