Beijing by schoolmates morning beating girl mouth torn more than more than 30

Air travel in Beijing Chou and two girls from the school fruit, was beaten by more than female students in the dormitory, fruit corners are torn, sustained multiple injuries. Yesterday, huangcun town, Daxing District police stations had to initiate an investigation on the matter. After the incident, hitting girls fly was taken away by the police investigation, micro-circle of friends she released pictures police cars and police, and is equipped with “has been immune to police” “several days” and other fun text.

Early morning of two girls by schoolmates hit

14th at about 6 o’clock in the evening, Beijing times journalists were students in huangcun town, Daxing District police station to see the fruit and some ceramic. Fruit masks, mouth pronunciation makes her unable to clearly articulate the wound. Fruit is a marked lump on the forehead and the back, back, right shoulder, elbow, wrist, had visible injuries. Rural entire villages criminality investigations

Chou forehead swollen after beating students blocked wound her hair short.

Skinny Chou wearing a peaked CAP and a mask, right there is a purple forehead swelling. She told the father that his head repeatedly, hoping to leave the police station to the hospital as soon as possible. Chou said that after the incident, she always has nightmares, “dreams to their several people around me, suddenly awakened. I dare not go out alone. ”

Fruit told the Beijing Times reporter, she is 16 years old, she, Chou and 7 hitting girls is Beijing tourist Institute, 16 airlines taking 2 classes of students. Violence in her residence in 413 bedroom. The evening of 10th, 413 in the bedroom, 3 bedrooms of girls small flies, small, little Yao and the dormitory of Misty, Mei, Xiao Tong with smoking, drinking, and playing cards. She was lying on the bed, getting ready for bed, “House smoke, sound great, and I haven’t been sleeping.”

11th, at 2 o’clock in the morning, fruit is heard a few people talking about some ceramic, “the little Tung Tao Taogou said her boyfriend, then a few men to beat her. “Subsequently, several girls dormitory called Chou to 413. Guoguo said, a group of people into the room, little Tong suddenly kicked in her back and feet, she immediately sat up and asked why she had to do, “both of us a little misunderstanding was never addressed before, but no major conflicts. I still don’t know why she picked it. ”

Fruit well, Chou is likely to take a beating, and persuaded several girls don’t do it yourself, by each other with fists and kicks. Fruit memories, Peter pulled her hair, little red fists to her, apart from the small and Misty, and ranks of cards per capita joined the assault. She said that she and sleeping in the bedroom of a small Express is under the pressure of necessity of flying to her shots. The chaos, her mouth was injured and bleeding. “So messed up, I don’t know how long it hit me. After me, they started playing some ceramic. “Photos from the fruit show, after the incident, a white Teddy bear on her bed covered with red blood.

Fruit a white Teddy bear stained with blood on the bed.

Guoguo says at 6 in the morning the same day, flying until they leave their bedroom. She woke up only to find themselves in a mirror mouth serious tearing. She said a teacher surnamed Wang and clear. Miss Wang takes her to the hospital sewed up the wound, “altogether more than more than 30 stitches. ”

Cut the hair of the victims and taking pictures

Chou recalled another was 16 years old girl, 11th, at 3 o’clock in the morning, she is still asleep, suddenly people wake up, “I don’t know a few people only heard the voice of Peter”.

After Chou entered 413 bedroom, ground floor, strewn with bottles of liquor and cigarette butts. Few people ask her about Xiao Tong boyfriend thing, “rumor has it, I have a crush on Xiao Tong’s boyfriend. To this end, the small red on my heart to hate. “Conversations, she saw a small red fruit suddenly kick a few feet,” in the beginning they are not playing with fruit, Peter said, what, some people have started to beat her. I was scared silly. ”

During the in a all girl beaten fruit, Chou has twice returned to his dorm room, but after that, she was called back. Return 413 when the bedroom one last time, she saw the fruit lay on the bed, mouth bleeding severely, small flies and fruit had a quarrel, beat her again and pulled her hair, “I see a lot of hair on the ground.”

About 5 minutes later, the crowd began to Chou last spring. Peter offers to Chou slapped, “in the beginning no one moves, then Yao gave me two face”. Chou said that subsequently, flying, small, little Yao, Misty, Mei, Xiao Tong and Xiao Express 7 per capita hit her in the face and kicked her to the ground, “I curl up on the floor. They were too much, I did not dare to fight back. ”

Chou said that the small flies to see her forehead to swell up a large bag, then stop. It is proposed for some ceramic packages cut bangs covered her forehead, “they cut my hair back, I take pictures, I don’t know what they mean. ”

11th around 5 in the morning, Tao Taocai went back to his dorm. Micro-letters were made by her own mother for help. After dawn, accompanied by her bedroom friends came to a nearby park, until their parents came to Beijing will dare to go back to school, “I feel disgraced.”

Hit girl friends showing off

Flying micro-letter to fruit.

12th at noon, flying fruit little sent the letter and says, “it doesn’t matter to me, asking for money to give money, my family is not short of money, made me to jail, I don’t care, so you don’t scare me. I have seen more serious than you. “Previous chat history shows, she has asked guoguo inquiries when the teacher spoke for her, to ease her punishment.

14th, parents after police found some ceramic, hitting small flies and small Yao when they were taken in for questioning by the police released showing off nature’s circle of friends.

Friends screenshots show, little flying took pictures with a police car, police, and, “for police car was immune” “several days” and other fun text. Xiao Yao, posted photos of police cars and with that, “police cars for the first time to play.”

Small fly publishing’s circle of friends.

Reporters at a Beijing tourist Institute, released on October 9, see on the notice of disposition, air service of 16 level 2 class Dumbo on September 26, 2016 to go out drinking late for class and talking back to your teacher, serious violations of the student management system. Schools put on probation for its disposition. Students signed and stamped with the seal of the school.

School officials say police investigations

Chou’s brother-in-law Richard said after the incident, the school suggested that the two sides negotiated settlement, but they were never seen to hit people’s parents, did not feel the sincerity of the other side, so decided to call the police.


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