Cheat proof dig privacy software text photo can be intercepted after installation

West China city daily news on October 12, a small “black science” software, which allows a person of no secrets at all.

Someone used it to catch Java men, caught the third, called it a “anti cheating” software while others use it for commercial competition.

If someone install this software on your cell phone and bind your own phone, then your text messages on a mobile phone, audio, photos, location will be intercepted and sent to the other phone.

Even more frightening is that there are hidden features of the software, after you install oblivious.

Reporter experiments, a cell phone after the software is installed, you can monitor in real time see b cell phone information.

“Do you want to know his call? How to check his deleted text messages? We can help you stay informed about his cell phone trends…… “recently, a mining of others privacy ad full of mobile terminals and the Internet, some people laugh, but others see it as” marriage lifeline. “

It is a kind of software? Its features are as powerful as ad rendering? Recently, this huaxi City newspaper reporter with the help of an insider, a similar free software is trying to install, 5 minute installation is successful, sweeping yards after the match, the “monitor” information immediately on your phone are displayed in another mobile phone, a glance.

B mobile query traffic and your balance, a cell phone screen in real time.

While reporters found that “cheat-proof” installation of the software on the black market have been scrambled to the million. Even so-called free installation, use for some time also need to recharge before use.

Was monitoring the phone’s call history at a glance.


Woman watching her husband cheating out “black science” selling group

Chengdu municipal people’s Procuratorate has informed the case: woman in Chengdu, Mayweather (a pseudonym), suspected husband who cheated on has never caught any evidence. One day last year, Mayweather sees a name on the Internet for “security software” sellers, try holding down the order. Then, Mayweather for a chance to take each other to your own program to the husband on the phone. Since then, her husband’s voice calls, text messages, photos, mobile positioning and so on, are the “black science” software acquisition, and then flowing to the Mayweather’s mailbox. By monitoring, Mayweather found her husband with another opposite long correspondence, and the marriage breaks down.

Soon after, the selling of “cheat-proof” the software profit gang was seized by the police. Survey found that from 2013 onwards, Zou from a self-proclaimed Liao received a cell phone monitoring software, through the network to 200-3000 price sale of the software. Last year, lost contact due to on-line Liao, Zou met di a provide back-office services for the software. Two conventions, Zou paid a di a, di Zou some continue to provide software technology and back-end server maintenance, guaranteed to work properly.

In July 2014, Zou won a mobile phone monitoring software, Shaw and his friends in a separate sales software over the network. The investigation, Zou some illegal profits of more than 82,000 Yuan by selling two software; an illegal profit of more than 9,800 Yuan Xiao; di Zou somewhere gets back-office maintenance costs, a total of 11900 Yuan.

Certified, two main functions are controlled Terminal mobile phone users without knowledge of the case, gets charged with cell phone text messages, address book, phone records and recording private information such as files, and upload to the specified network location. After a public hearing of the case, Chengdu Court to the crime of illegal control of computer information systems program and sentenced to 3 1-3 years in prison respectively.

B test

To install monitoring software secretly, experienced in 5 minutes is enough

In early October, surnamed Wu, the industry’s recommendation, reporters found a similar feature “black science” software–“all” its monitoring functions including call, text, photo, location, recording more than 10 items, even timely remote screen. “The key is, this software banner of caring for family members, can directly on the Android free download. “Mr Wu said.

Official website of the software, the software was declared “this APP is a love” for the elderly, children and other family members, you can view the other micro-credit, QQ, location, calls, text messages, address books, photo albums, recording, and remote camera, monitor, screen in real time, real time voice. As long as the two phones after installation, scan code binding on it. Once bound, can also hide the software on your mobile phone.

Reporters noted that the software said in August 2016, the user has exceeded 500,000. However, reporters in downloads, shows that only 600 people in the use of the software.

On October 7, according to the official tutorial, reporters used two Android phones have this software installed, where a cell phone monitoring cell phone, b phone as the phone being monitored. After downloading, login, share, scan code open the binding and final permission, the entire process is done. Then journalists b has all the software on the phone is set to stealth mode, this black technology in the mobile phone interface disappeared.

“If you want to covertly installed on a mobile phone, familiar with the process, get a mobile phone, 5 minutes is enough. “Mr Wu said, it is difficult to find traces.

Just a little, and other mobile content can

In order to validate the software really claims to these functions, the reporter began experiments under the direction of the industry.

In the b-phone sharing settings section, respectively, with sharing the phone records, share messages, sharing, recording more than 10 functional switch after turning on the switch, just something in a cell phone, b mobile telephone, text messaging, photo albums, information such as location, indeed one by one show in a mobile phone.

7th, another experimenter was using b mobile query traffic and your balance, real time screen reporters waiting in the distance. SMS set reporters with a mobile phone and click on the “all software”, then click on the screen in real time. Soon, on this screen are saved in real time to a mobile phone, display b phone traffic this month left a total of 200 megabytes, remaining 161.07 calls. Chengdu net about car driver 4 months down 62

“He can see the contents of your phone, can also be preserved, and you don’t know it. “Mr Wu said, it is not so much a love APP, as it is a APP without any secrets, privacy.

C investigation

Install the black market price of 10,000, only install told name

Chengdu Taisheng, the well-known mobile phone Street, hidden well versed in all kinds of mobile phone software and hardware player. 10th, reporter to consumers who come here hoping to install a similar “all” of the software.

“You can see here other information software on the phone? “Journalists just ask repair mobile phone shop owner was wary,” no, we don’t have that stuff. “Asked several in succession, much the same reaction. Finally, SEG Plaza, hearing after reporters asked a shopkeeper, took the topic: “what you doing? Very expensive, Oh. “” I was useful. “The reporter answered.

Owner then took the reporters to a booth. Exchange, the shop owner said he had a market without software, after Setup, you can see the other person on the phone text messages, call records, photos and other information, you can also hide, God does not go unnoticed, “However, this software is also purchased from other places, can one single will be a form of money, so it was a bit expensive. ”

Reporter tried asking price, he stuck a finger in the reporter shook. “1000? “” Oh, what? This item starts at 20,000, my software to tell the truth, a little old, but the basic functionality is there, 10,000 yuan! “The owner sounds obvious.

When asked by reporters when you can tell the software name, the owner refused: “this software has many, are underground channels, only time will tell your name, this is the rules. ”

Mobile phone being monitored once implanted, only brush can log off

11th, reporters at the website see, the software only has a customer service QQ number, reporters try to add as friend, but did not receive any reply.

Insiders told reporters, and similar software on the black market, can install it for free, but bound phone, the default for a two-day trial. After the expiration of recharge is required to use “software is relying on this form of recharge members make money.”

Other software on the black market are not the same, name of the basic closed software, even as the name had never heard of. Many software installed, the cost is more than 10,000 yuan, and some are even higher. In General, because after you install this kind of software will be hidden, they were installed by people who have not found this software on the phone, “only in Flash, when you can see. Cannot see at all, let alone uninstall, log off. ”

“In fact between husband and wife is not a terrible anti-cheat, if this software is used for competition, is even more scary. “Mr Wu said, precisely because of this, giving veteran Setup you will be charge according to customer demand.

Point d

Without his consent, suspected of violating someone’s privacy

For this software, Southwestern University School of law, said Hu Qizhong, a Professor of finance, from an objective point of view, the technology itself is neutral, depends on its use and purpose. In this software, for example, if it can provide services for the elderly, with the consent of the parties ‘ agreement, install this software gets the information, addresses and other information, is not illegal. But if it is secretly installed on the other phone, regarding alleged violations of the privacy of others.

Also, this software is generally information processing terminal, if the technology provider for illegally obtaining information about others knowing that someone put this software and let it, or support such acts, also suspected of crimes.

Marriage infidelity is monitored, it is difficult to define invasions of privacy

Sichuan by Zheng Gao Shoumin law firm that “cheat-proof” tracking category of software, unlike mobile applications in General, its function and purpose is very clear, that is, allowing you to install APP to reach for people private information by monitoring, monitoring the purpose of others. This without others agreed, by way of hiding access to other information belonging to the illegal acquisition, software providers, users may be suspected of violating the privacy of others. Infringement may request the infringer to stop the infringing act, eliminating effects if it results in a loss, losses can also claim compensation from the perpetrators.

Zheng said that if the consumer is being monitored by the husband-wife relationship, it is difficult to define as a violation of privacy. As the Marriage Act also emphasized the need for couples to fulfil the duty of loyalty, if one does marital infidelity, then it cannot be used because the other software, determine violations of each other’s privacy, both spouses have the right to know. Meanwhile Zheng believes that if the provider through the sale of the software, or to profit through illegal access to personal information, serious or involved in criminal offences.

(Formerly entitled the secrets of “cheat-proof” of the software)


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