Sichuan 7 teachers and secondary school students to stress teachers strike back

On September 29, deyang, a secondary school student assaulted a teacher: student teacher beaten by containment in the Office and shoot video. On October 8, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Jinyang police station in deyang City Public Security Bureau confirmed that after the incident, 7 students were concerned for discouraging treatment.

Online video shows, offices, 5 students to a male teacher around the corner, one of them, wearing an orange Hoodie students call and beat male teachers. Within 1 minute, the total of 7 students to teachers. Because the picture is blocked, unable to see specific action, can hear many “pop” sound.

That happens in business schools in Sichuan province. Deyang local users “chasing shadows Ying Zi”, with the exception of “leave was refused”, the teacher confiscated the student’s cell phone is one of the causes of the conflict. In the video, hitting students mentioned mobile phones.

Sichuan online reported that the head of the school confirmed that the event is dominated by Zhang, was this year by independent recruitment into the traditional school year, studying graphic design, Guanghan national Renaissance. 29th, the students leave national day want to leave school early. Taking into account the new soon, was about to take a long vacation, competent teachers refused requests to leave. After being denied leave, Zhang immediately found 6 other students, to the teacher’s Office “find.”

Reported that the incident occurred, had 3 students responsible for the video, the remaining 4 were in Office and teachers “theory”, in which a teacher and another student shoving. Chengdu a pregnant woman suffering Telecom fraud

Sichuan province trade school staff after public said, engaged in Hou understand of situation see, video in the 7 name students (5 people in Office within, 2 people blocking in door shooting) prior discuss good, was in inside playing teachers, was containment, also was hiding in door took video, purpose is wants to angered teachers makes its fought back, then put “teachers hit” of video took down put to online, but the teachers always keep restraint not hands-on. In the video, teachers did not shot back.

Surging Jinyang police station told the news, after receiving the alarm, kaijiang area road police station immediately intervene, will participate in the beatings of students brought to the police station and inform their parents in understanding the relevant circumstances when you are finished, students (under 16 years of age) by the parents away. According to the Sichuan online reported, after the incident on 7 students involved discouraging.


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