Zhuhai prices land owners to give up industrial real estate to make money easier

Zhuhai prices land owners to give up industrial: real estate to make money easier than opening more

A third-tier city suburb of more than 1.6 million people of the four floors of the land premium, why the more than 13 million people in first-tier cities of Guangzhou King price? King of Zhuhai area in recent months how to read? 27th Press Conference on this topic, visit the market, with leading professionals and business owners to explore the topic. Cadres not as messy as affecting private investment

26th afternoon, distance Zhuhai main city more than 20 more km of Tang technology innovation coast tablets district launched 4 block land, 4 plots respectively took out 28000 Yuan/square meters, and 28250 Yuan/square meters, and 28050 Yuan/square meters and 29120 Yuan/square meters, this only more than 1.6 million population of wire city suburb a afternoon auction of to King price, not only than plots near of real estate price to your, and also far over has has more than 13 million population of line city Guangzhou day morning took out of to King floor surface premium.

After the King, local homeowners many, Times reporter in Zhuhai city on the day, rising sun and other real estate in Washington to see, many customers come to the House with home buyers needs. “Don’t buy a House, to afford even the bathroom,” in the era before the little sandbox, Wang argued with the fiancee of the IT industry, said: “price of tangjia Bay, Wang shot to 29120 Yuan/㎡, how do house prices may drop in the future? ”

King price 29120 Yuan/㎡, photographed gree real estate company of the beads land reservoir of 2016-12 block, claimed that through its brand, tangjia Bay, Zhuhai city where the spindle, the Secretary optimistic about investment prospects, this took the King, increasing stronghold in Zhuhai gree real estate land bank, consolidated its market position right here in Zhuhai.

Era real estate to King Kai Huang, Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai, Zhongshan company in the analysis, said that Zhuhai traffic within an hour to reach Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in four international cities, late-developing advantage. “So many foreign enterprises wishing to enter the Zhuhai this year, encountered a prime site, intense competition is normal. ”

Property General Manager Wu Wencong Zhuhai bridge that afternoon in Zhuhai was born four blocks diwang floor premium than the Guangzhou diwang floor price has a population of more than 13 million, “unreasonable” because the two cities both from industry and from the population, from the potential for development and regional advantages, is not a city.

Zhuhai City real estate career managers Club President Tang Tiejun is pointed out that, Zhuhai of to King and Guangzhou of to King cannot just from local population to analysis, “took vacant rate compared, Zhuhai one months on can sold finished House, and Guangzhou some real estate to one years to digest finished existing inventory, from two a city customer group, and on real estate purchase desire, and purchase potential view, Zhuhai is is greater than Guangzhou. ”

And real estate industry people and purchase customer of awareness different, Zhuhai Granville flag anti-corrosion Technology Corporation Chairman Lai Huasheng said, himself has see not understand in recent months to of took to “mystery”, “to King frequently birth, and local March 16 announced canceled limited purchased of policy is closely related to,” as South marine ship paint industry leading enterprise representative, Lai Hua health nail on the pointed out that: “this for we entrepreneurs is a big troubled, some enterprise of high-end talent will not because cannot solution housing just needed, And chose to leave the Zhuhai? “He wants local governments to pay attention to entrepreneurs who engage in industrial concerns and voices.

“Land of financial have side effects on urban development,” bright green photoelectric Technology Ltd of Zhuhai Li Jiancheng said: “businesses are not optimistic about the prospects. ”

Zhuhai sanxin apparel General Manager Chen San Qu in the apparel industry for more than 10 years, according to its disclosure, his many friends from the factory in recent years abandoned industrial investment, “because few Suite speculation more than 10 suites to earn profits, much easier than the factory. “He worries the real estate market development, will deal a serious blow to China’s real economy.

(Original title: triple city of Zhuhai to King frequently emerging public debate)


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