Actors Li Jinshan Liu in Beijing an accident the accident left 1 dead 3 injured

@ Beijing Youth daily news today at 11 o’clock in the morning, in front of the key road Dongshan village, Pinggu district of Beijing, two trucks blow impact, resulting in a rollover truck out of control to the South side of the road, Orchard Road, the South side forward knocked off. Some net friends broke the news that, when actor Li Qi and Liu Jinshan people parking on the roadside to buy peaches, “two oncoming large trucks, sand trucks without brakes, double ditch, with Li Qi’s men buried underneath, buried three people currently pulled out two people. “The pictures that were taken from the witness, Li is not injured in the accident, and Liu Jinshan coma. Informed the Beijing traffic management Bureau said, accident resulted in one death, three people were injured, the injured was sent to hospital for medical treatment. Taobao is filled with fake VR glasses some costs


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