Xian xianyang airport capture a snake found on the Maldives to Xian flights

China business daily news on July 31, July 30, at 6:50, Xian xianyang international airport of entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau received from Maldives Airways telephone calls, reported Bangkok, stop by the Maldives, through remote monitoring arrived in Xian xianyang airport flight Q2388 found inside the cargo hold of a live snake.

Xian xianyang airport capture a snake found on the Maldives to Xian flights

Quarantine officers in protective cases capture the snake. Pictures from the Internet

After receiving the report, the inspection and quarantine personnel carriers immediately rushed to the scene and found a bag filled with blankets to climb out of a snake. Quarantine officers in protective cases to capture it, store in a safe facility. Zhihou quarantine personnel understand specific situation, on site found snake of goods around for has closely troubleshooting and disinfection except insect, and on the flights of holds and cabin for two times netting type search, one by one troubleshooting has cockpit, and Diners, and toilet, and luggage frame, and seat inferior guest holds corner, confirmed no other biological, and on whole holds and cabin again for full disinfection, and except insect, and pesticide, corresponding of quarantine disposal measures.

Officials say captured the snake 20 cm in length, the species is grey-brown, or even diamond-shaped black spots, belly Brown, white, uniform distribution of small black spots on both sides, subject to further identification of specific varieties. It was intercepted for the first time since the airport opened to international flights in Shaanxi Province live snakes.

Xian xianyang airport capture a snake found on the Maldives to Xian flights

Captured snake 20 cm in length. Pictures from the Internet

Snake is also found in the cargo hold of an airplane is very rare.

According to reports, these flights “invasion” of foreign creature, may carry a variety of viruses, bacteria, parasites, if the Snake is an alien species, if you breed locally, it will damage the local ecology and environment, and incalculable consequences. Meanwhile, bitten by a snake may also direct visitors or staff, endangering their health and safety. Snake once into precision instruments of the aircraft or engines, also had an impact on aviation safety, which even resulted in a machine crash. In accordance with the relevant provisions, the inspection and quarantine staff to the live snakes make the disposal.

To strict customs entry-exit inspection and quarantine, Quarantine Bureau in xianyang airport “people, machines and dogs” three mode of inspection and quarantine, No Pets of not only improving the passenger interception rate and check out of the box accuracy, and speeding up the passenger clearance process, access to a passenger’s widely recognized and welcomed. Hefei a former employee of the company to recover

This year, the Xian xianyang airport for international flights and passenger traffic continues to grow, invasion by exotic species and disease risk of flu increasing. 2016 inspection of inbound flights in the first half amounted to 3121, rose 11%, examine incoming passengers carrying a total of 493666 lots, an increase of 20.36%, No Pets, 2552 seized, an increase of 117.17%, No Pets seized 2258 kilograms in weight, an increase of 86%.


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