Wuhan a doctor on child head treatment be accused of child abuse the hospital

A doctor holding a child in just 10 seconds, his hands quickly back and forth around, twist head dozens of times. During the entire massage and the child kept crying.

On July 13, this video on the Internet exposure, many netizens have said “too scary”. Some doctors commented “this type of behavior has exceeded its cognitive”, some netizens said, “this is child abuse”, some have queried whether the doctor qualification, was also called the child’s parents are too stupid.

On July 15, the surging medical Huang Ziming, Deputy Director of the Department of maternal and child health hospital in Hubei province to the news (www.thepaper.CN) confirms that the doctor surnamed Li, is a rehabilitation doctor at the hospital, although the degree is low but has more than 30 years of experience in 2011, physicians to obtain licenses. Kang Fuke was running the Department of the hospital, has never received complaints about Li.

“Shake” treatment of friends out terrible

July 13 at 23 o’clock, certification for SINA weibo zhipei Pediatric founder and former Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center doctor @ Ou Qian issued a doctor mother of infantile massage video, between July 15 and later already have forwarded more than 10,000 and more than 10,000 comments.

In the video, in a world of banner medical clinic, a member of the medical staff of the men in white coats are to massage a child in just 10 seconds, the hands of medical staff quickly back and forth around madly rubbing the child has nearly 20 times in the head. During the entire massage and the child kept crying. Photographer laughed as she shot, when you see someone shooting, there was a loud stop. Saved by men dragged the girl three girls my parents

Netizens pointed out that clips of men in white coats, MCH rehabilitation physiotherapy Department of Hubei Province, a doctor named Li Songjiang.

@ Doctor MOM Ou Qian believes that if the child in the video is a myogenic torticollis children neck operation is possible, but not as rough as the video sharp. Muscular torticollis early discovery, early rehabilitation therapy, recover faster. What disease cannot expect of infantile massage in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, but also not that rough handling because the video, refusing regular physiotherapy, delayed child myogenic torticollis treatment.

Videos in the comments, someone called the Department of Hubei Province, hospital rehabilitation Department for outsourcing, someone shouted, “this does not wring the child’s head? “Someone said it was too dangerous, more of the scolding of parents of children with” that parents are too stupid. “

In the storm of scolding, netizens have also been refuted, “not because they saw the phenomenon, critical medicine, and besides, you don’t know what it is, there is no effect.”

Mothers of children with: can’t bear people call me stupid

July 15 at 10 o’clock, surging news hospital rehabilitation treatment of cerebral palsy in children, in Hubei Province, see doctor Li Songjiang in the video room. He used similar techniques in video for a treatment in children with the whole process in less than a minute. Treatment outside of clinic patients and their families were waiting.

Li Songjiang unwilling to respond to the matter.

“Overwhelming seeing the Internet call me stupid, I can’t stand it. “11 o’clock noon, video your child’s mother arrived at the hospital, she said:” hospitals should protect my privacy, how can any child video? ”

Mothers of children with surging told news, children suffering from cerebral palsy, muscular torticollis is not net, after this video was taken in the spring of 2016. Earlier this year, her 14-month-old baby to the hospital for the first time since then, once every half a month to the hospital treatment, and so far has treated nearly 8 months.

“We also do not believe”, the children said, listening to others speak, worried. “Baby, I sure feel bad, but there’s no way, long story shorter than pain.”

Children with mothers, therapy or have a certain effect, used to children only when standing on tiptoe to after treatment, foot stand.

In this regard, Guangdong who declined to rehabilitation medicine expert believes that rehabilitation medicine started late in China, engaging in rehabilitation medicine for practitioners, mostly from traditional Chinese medicine and clinical disciplines to other categories. Although cerebral palsy is a medical problem, but there are many ways, preferably in the gentle pain-free and comfortable circumstances, and should follow the standardized rehabilitation treatment, video method has certain level of risk, easy-induced spinal cord injury, and if not treated properly, more serious consequences.

Hospital: never received complaints

“Rehabilitation is our own Department, no outsourcing. “On July 15, surging medical Huang Ziming, Deputy Director of the Department of maternal and child health hospital in Hubei Province in response to news, said Li Songjiang doctors graduated in 1978 in Jinzhou medical school, has more than 30 years of experience. Diploma available, only in 2011 physicians to obtain licenses. Video exposure, has little effect on Li Songjiang, he still work.

Huang Ziming introduces treatment technique used in the treatment of nerve damage in the video, massage about 1 minute at a time. For a long time, nerve damage is a difficult problem in the medical field, there is no accurate indicators on the results, long term rehabilitation. In the video, Li Songjiang treatment through special techniques to make their muscles in children with exercise to stimulate damaged nerves and recover bodily functions.

He also said, in the layman’s view, this treatment approach do exist some disputes. Li Songjiang admissions every year many of these newborn children, the Institute has never received complaints about Li Songjiang.

In addition, Huang Ziming said, hospitals will be on video, Publisher reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities.


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