Changsha deaths caused by illegal demolition of 27 people being accountable

Changsha deaths caused by illegal demolition of 27 people being accountable: yuelu district Party Secretary Chang

Based on the overall findings, tea village authority according to the villagers ‘ Congress resolutions on Yang Jun, Yang Quan homes were dismantled, beyond the scope of legal empowerment of villagers ‘ autonomy.

Changsha, July 12, July 12, at 19 o’clock, Sha Ling Street, yuelu district, Changsha city, informed view tea village in the body’s findings and decision: 27 including the yuelu district Secretary, district leaders and staff accountability or investigation.

8:20 A.M. July 7, Sha Ling Street, view tea village the villagers ‘ houses phase III project building one woman whose body was found in the ruins. Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Government quickly set up by Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee, chaired, disposal of relevant functional departments to participate in working groups, law and regulations to carry out investigation to Changsha, police launched a full investigation, the city prosecutor’s Office stepped in and exercise supervision according to law, discipline inspection, the Ministry of personnel in gate events if there are disciplinary investigations into violations.

Based on the overall findings, this was for the construction of collective-owned construction land in village houses, tea village in violation of the law of the villagers ‘ Congress resolution forced demolition of houses, and Sha Ling Cha Zi Shan Cun Wei Hui, the subdistrict office asking the Organization for illegal demolition of houses, housing demolition process due to negligence causing death by negligence.

Confirmation by the full investigation, tea mountain villager placement housing phase III project to solve the 1134 villagers the problem of rehousing. Cha Zi Shan Cun Wei Hui, the request was received in compulsory demolition of Cha Zi Gong Xuehui village reconstruction project after the housing report, view Sandy Ridge Street Office programmes on June 16 at 8 o’clock, Yang Jun, Yang Quan homes were dismantled. Negligence, the staff and building demolition crews at that time have not been found Yang’s mother Gong Xuehui was still in the House.

Integrated police investigation, crime scene investigation, autopsy expert opinion, confirmed by the field inventory is not in place, Gong Xuehui houses collapsed during the demolition process leading to death.

The afternoon of July 11, the Changsha Municipal Committee meeting decided, responsible units and personal discipline seriously dealt with according to law. Order the yuelu district, the District Government to a profound review of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Government, and the city’s briefing. On district Secretary Zhou Zhikai, by province discipline give its party serious warning disposition; on, yuelu district, District Deputy Secretary, and Chang Liu Hui, by province monitored Office give its administrative remember than disposition; couplets points views sand Ling Street of, yuelu district, Board Standing Committee, and district discipline Secretary He Chixing give party warning disposition, on competent land levy, and safety supervision management work of, yuelu district, Board Standing Committee, and Deputy Chang Cai Feng give administrative demerit disposition, on views sand Ling Street collective land demolition command command long, and views sand Ling Street joint points led, and Yuelu district administrative demerit Zeng Yueping, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee, Executive Deputy Director of yuelu district, village of Li Shun administrative demerit. Single women are the husband high insurance insurance

Also, views sand Ling Street Party Working Committee Secretary Lijun, party Working Committee Deputy Secretary, and Office Director Chen Jianxin, party Working Committee Deputy Secretary, and CPPCC contact at Director Ren Yi paper, Office Deputy Director Pando, Office staff Zhu Jianqun, tea child village branch Secretary Wan Zhi, and village Director Duan Qing, 7 people suspected malfeasance (negligence, and abuse) crime has was prosecutorial organ filed investigation, and in judicial organ conclusion made Hou give discipline disciplines disposition. Streets, other relevant responsible persons of the village, 7 people were placed on probation within the administrative dismissal of party disciplines, and disposition. Fan Zixiang 4 field staff suspected of negligence causing death to criminal compulsory measures by the public security organs. Yuelu concept of public security Deputy Director Liu Yibin, Sha Ling police station Director Liu Ji Hong Sha Ling police station, and watch Ye Xinyou Squadron instructor on duty are not in place, were given an administrative warning, warnings, administrative demerit.

Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Government requirements, the city’s Party Committee, the Government and the broad masses of party members and cadres with the ongoing “two” educational reflection, draw lessons and overhaul, implement the full strictness requirement, promote ruling the city, determined to prevent similar events from happening again.


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