Yunnan family of seven in a year 4 people abducted 27 years after the blood

The misfortunes, family of seven 4 people abducted; the lucky volunteers 6 do not leave stick, for Chu’s family reunion. Absence of 27 years and two days ago, but with regret the death of the mother, and the family is finally here, the last two men abducted family members finally met. Yesterday, the younger son Zhu Shuchao flight back to Kunming. Today, Zhu took 27 years young son, xuanwei back home pay homage to his dead wife.

Fuzzy memory

For a piece of candy by strangers away

Zhu Shuchao, born in 1983 in xuanwei, Yunnan province, now 33. But the basic information, he didn’t have time to remember, is being turned into a foreign land, the name. Vaguely, he knows he has another identity, because when young, can remember is home is a two-storey wooden house, the field seems to be kind of flue-cured tobacco. Until the day before yesterday, he didn’t know Zhu Shuchao rather Xu Zhitao, age nor 34 but 33 years old. His Fuzzy recall that apart from parents, seem to have two brothers and a sister. App friends forwarded chain click a earned 5 cents

“This is the sweetest candy in my life! “The day before yesterday, CCTV recordings Zhu Shuchao shaking hands took the the moderator NI sugar when tears fall like rain, but for the year to a piece of candy or was abducted.

Zhu Shuchao was 6 years, one night, he followed his teenage brother to a neighbour’s House to play. All the attention on the poker, only running about Zhu Shuchao next. “Little brother, come and eat candy! “A strange man showed up at a neighbor’s home, Zhu Shuchao was attracted by the sugar. He approached the men, see sugar will get, but I still had a chance to catch, the man suddenly changed, a hand covered his mouth, picked him to run to the outside.

Horror he saw homes farther and farther, card-the noise faded. After running out of the village, men gasping for breath to carry him on his shoulders, but clutching his hand has not been released. Don’t know how far to go, after a man and a woman meet, hid in the corn stalk. His people are gone, Zhu Shuchao cried myself to sleep.

Wake up, day is bright, Zhu Shuchao just remember being on the train, and then change the bus eventually came to the adoptive parents ‘ home. Up until this point he just wake up, see adoptive parents ‘ home reads “1989” four characters, presumably he was turn of the year.

He later learned that himself was turned to Anyang, Henan province, the name became Xu Zhitao, age has also been changed to one year old. Adoptive parents are farmers, the home has 4 sisters.

Looking for family

, Panxian, Guizhou has been to countless trips

To the adoptive parents ‘ home, Zhu Shuchao often has nightmares. Age to go to school, parents to send him to school. Period, he often was beaten by seven or eight students, because he was a stranger.

Graduating from elementary school, he didn’t even rose early to take the examination, and went home to work. He then conceived the notion of looking for their loved ones, and at the same village lead from the adoptive parents begin to wander.

He worked as a security guard, side dishes, mix over the ashes. He worked, and search for family members, have been to many places, Guizhou to numerous times, especially the Pan, he visited each township, just because someone says he may be a Guizhou.

Family misfortunes

A family of four that same year missing

In 2010, Zhu Shuchao Internet searches of missing children information, found a baby home network, so posting help. Soon baby home network of volunteers, Mayweather he was contacted, to help him improve the tracing information, and gave him to the police collected DNA samples. Meanwhile, the baby around the home network of Volunteers launched the volunteers helped Zhu Shuchao trace their families.

Flash for 6 years, but baby home network of volunteers and Zhu Shuchao never gave up. Zhu Shuchao didn’t know he had a sister, too, and he was abducted.

A month ago, baby home network of volunteers found in xuanwei in Yunnan province who Zhu Dan, aged 72. On June 3, with Zhu Rudan to the local police station to complete DNA blood samples of volunteers. At this time, volunteers from Zhu Rudan disclosed that a shocking message, their home for more than the younger son and daughter abducted, even the younger daughter was abducted and his wife, also in the same year.

Turn within a year that 4 people were, how tragic it is to me! Yesterday, the reporter saw Zhu Rudan,, the old man kept wiping tears. According to the old man and the son is told, the reporter was sorting out the family turn thread: Zhu Shu was abducted by time is up to them in 1989. One day in August evening, Zhu as Dan’s wife Xu Duozhi holding two and a half years old little girl, neighbors did not return after taking corn out in early December, ranked old four younger son Zhu Shuchao disappeared not long after, teenage daughter had disappeared. In other words, Zhu Rudan, oldest son and three son, family are missing.

Have home

Mother missing for 8 years back

Magic was missing for 8 years later, Xu Duozhi has its own back. According to Xu Duozhi memories, when her little girl in her arms to send corn was next door in the village village a woman lied to Handan, Hebei, younger daughter Zhu Fenlian was left in the Handan railway station near the home of a family surnamed Chai. Back home after a few years, Xu Duozhi died.

5 years ago, and final disappearance of two daughters also found back. Second daughter, told his family that deceived to Fujian village with her and a girl, and now she is married and has children, and her husband, feeling good, which is a free home search.

His wife died with regrets, second daughter had found, but where is the younger daughter and youngest son? Zhu Rudan has been worrying about, recently heard about Internet access when looking for a missing child, then ask for help, it would only make a “bleed each other.”

Isolation to indissolubly

Respectively, 27 families were found

According to Zhu Jia provided information, baby home network of volunteers identified Zhu Rudan and after Zhu Shuchao probably father and son, of waiting for DNA comparison process, also launched efforts to find Zhu pink Lotus in Handan. On June 7, was located in Handan Lian Zhu powder. DNA comparison confirmed Zhu Shuchao is the youngest son of Zhu Rudan.

The day before yesterday, bringing together a family of six in Beijing recorded tracing program, families separated 27 years is finally here. Yesterday, as the father, brother and brother returned to Yunnan’s Zhu Shuchao said, he found many provinces there is no return to Yunnan. For 27 years, he had not eaten for a sugar, because sugar-whenever you see a thought of her own experience of being turned. See family until the day before yesterday, after the host gives him a piece of candy, he tasted the sugar taste-sweet.

Lian Zhu powder in Handan has married and fathered two children, which coincided with his son a few days test, she settled back after the child, xuanwei and back together as a family.


Looking forward to the whole family back to xuanwei hometown reunion

“Hope that he’ll soon have a family, do not drift. “Today, Zhu Rudan will take little boys back in xuanwei, on his wife’s grave worship, give an explanation to the wife. Zhu Shuchao said, after his mother’s grave, he will come back, sister, second sister in Fujian province, also known as go home to xuanwei, this is the real meaning of reunion.

Zhu Shuchao said adoptive mother had died, he would assume the responsibility of supporting the biological father and adoptive father.


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