Capsize accident in Guangyuan Sichuan people for a family of three initially

Capsize accident in Guangyuan, Sichuan people for a family of three, initially identified the ship for signs of life

White Lake boat accident in Guangyuan of Sichuan, rescuers are searching. @ CCTV

Guangyuan, Sichuan, Xinhua News, 5th, Guangyuan, Sichuan, white Lake boat accident rescue team carrying out blanket search and rescue. At present, all tour vessels in the city have been closed for security checks. Around 12 o’clock, blue rescue team using magnetic positioning and underwater video camera determined capsized “SsangYong” cruise position. Now initially identified, no signs of life inside the ship. Guangxi teacher accused of molesting 6 primary

Blue rescue team coordinator Lee want to tell reporters that wrecks under water 65.1 metres, just prior to the capsize of the witnesses identified locations now have buoys, underwater rescue robots will be arrived on the scene tomorrow, which will use the robotic arm to salvaging.

This reporter has learned, currently on the boats and rescue boats with ropes tied to steel pipes, moving very slowly on the surface, used for underwater exploration. Underwater case is more complex, part depth of more than hundred meters, search and rescue teams are still unable to pinpoint the wreck’s location. Around 10 o’clock, in the vicinity of ground zero, a fishing vessel to salvage a life jacket.

After the accident, working group national safety supervision Administration immediately went to the scene of the accident, guide local to do rescue disposal work, requiring safety supervision by cooperating with authorities in Sichuan province to assist local doing everything possible to rescue the drowning person, doing the rescue work, further nuclear clearing accidents, identify the cause of the accident, law and compliance accountability seriously. Requires profound in Sichuan province to learn from lessons learned from and take effective measures, carry out water traffic safety campaign.

According to the State Department staff, wind is strong when the accident happened, some regions even more than 12. An accident “double Dragon”, is a shipping company in Guangyuan city, is a tourist passenger ships, carrying 40 people.

4th at 12 o’clock, Guangyuan city shipping company “SsangYong” cruise aboard, 18 people, including 3 crew members and their families, and from State district three town yan Jing XI Pier, white Lake little Three Gorges scenic area to play. 14:40, “double Dragon” third Zhen Fei Feng Cun, returning via three groups of waters, the boat capsized.

At present, 4 people were rescued in the accident, of which 3 were rescued out of danger; 1 child rescue invalid were killed, and the remaining 14 people still missing.

According to the Beijing News, 5th at noon, Guangyuan city, Sichuan province, Li States convened news briefing, was published for the first time, white Lake, the “double Dragon”, a boat capsized in the list of the persons on board, list shows persons on board, for a family of three.

List of the 18 people on board for three of owner: heads of Zhou Piqiang and wife Wang Ju, Zhou Lin, the son (4 years old). Visitors 15 people: visitors Yang Dong, wife Chen ling, daughter Yang rain, Lee State district three heap town people; visitors Qin Huan, wife Pang Chunxi, daughter Qin Sihan, Lee State district three heap town people; visitors zhaobin, wife Wei Jiajia, daughter Zhao Qixuan, Lee State district three heap town people; visitors Hu powers, wife Yu Min, daughter Wu Yi, Lee State district three heap town people; visitors carefully, daughter Wei Mengfei, Lee State district Dong BA street people; visitors King star, Lee State district three heap town Bai yan people.


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