Chain home 6 real estate brokerage companies fined for false advertising Shanghai

Shanghai construction Committee, municipal Bureau of the municipal real estate brokerage companies carried out law enforcement inspections, chain home, the Pacific, I love my 6 brokerage companies fined for false advertising.

Since April this year, the city will carry out rectification of six real estate brokerage, focused on investigating false spreading price information and speculation prices; conceal the State of rights such as property seizure, mortgage limit information to entice consumers trading behavior.

Chain home, Pacific 6 brokerage business fined Xiao 2016 China capital markets will do the eight

Irrational real estate market overheated to suppress emotion, maintaining market order, protect the lawful rights and interests of House people, the city issued “Shanghai nine” new policy specifically to strengthen market supervision and law enforcement, focusing on real estate brokers deal with all illegal acts. Recently, the municipal councils, Bureau of industry and commerce on the city’s real estate brokerage companies carried out law enforcement inspections. Ascertained, chain companies in the brokerage business in the process, there are no informed buyers property survey, to conceal the plot means to entice consumers trading infractions. Municipal Councils in accordance with the regulation on real estate brokerage-related penalty cap for chain companies and two suspected agents total fine of 80,000 yuan, cancel the stores involved, and relevant qualifications for broker online sign up and recorded in the credit file.

Meanwhile, chain home, Pacific, in Pung, Hanyu, I love my family, Jia Xin 6 brokerage firms, such as through the relevant Web site, public housing information, based on fictitious homes, virtual home prices, including false advertising, misleading. Bureau of industry and commerce in accordance with the People’s Republic of China against unfair competition related provisions of the law on these 6 brokerage firms administrative penalties up to 130,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan.

This city will focus 7 brokerage

In accordance with the “Shanghai nine” new policy requirements, municipal councils, the municipal industry and Commerce Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission, since April this year in the city’s joint six-month rectification of real estate brokers, focused on investigating illegal brokering of the following:

Fake spreading price information and speculation prices;

Second, conceal the State of rights such as property seizure, mortgage limit information to entice consumer transactions;

Third, outside the transaction transfer price stipulated in the contract, disguised extra prices;

Four were by way of fictitious coordinates housing prices, availability, virtual, false propaganda;

Five forged documents such as social security, tax, marriage, legal instruments, obtain purchase qualifications, evading taxes, avoiding credit limit;

Six unauthorized check system with network virtual sign a brokerage contract, trading contracts, misrepresented delegate price or virtual transaction price;

Seven are common property for the purpose of resettlement housing, affordable housing violation, providing brokerage services.

City councils, city of industry, said real estate broker rectification, was carrying out “Shanghai nine,” an important work of the new deal, recently on a number of false propaganda, simulated cases dealt with consumer transactions, achieved initial success. Next, in accordance with the requirements of rectification, will further increase the illegal brokering efforts to investigate and punish, discover, investigate and even cancel the online agency qualification, public exposure, and incorporation of information into the city’s public information service platform, and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, maintain the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

Rising house prices effectively curb

“Shanghai nine” issued since the implementation of the new deal, the city’s strict implementation of housing purchase policies, implement differentiated housing credit policies, the effect is obvious. Real estate market tends to calm price increases effectively curbed, trading volume and prices both fell.

March 25-April 7, one or two houses sold in the city area of 650,000 square meters (5222) and 1.04 million square meters (12057), one or two hand housing prices were 32831 Yuan/square meters and 27441 Yuan/square meter; supply and sales start to rise, Marketing new commodity housing online to 8.16 million square meters of sales area from the time of the new deal (51797 sets) to the current (April 13) 8.64 million square meters (55737), second-hand stock listed online from 12.27 million square meters of housing (133225 units) increased to 12.78 million square meters at present (138730 sets).


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