59 in 11 provinces for example use case murder often found in turf they parted

59 in 11 provinces for example use case: murder often found in turf, they parted easily when peer

24 o’clock, is prostitution ring into the home activity peaks belongs, at this point in time, if a woman entering the hotel, easy prostitution ring as a “land grab” and “together”. China Visual information

Hidden in the hotel “piao Lakes” already exists. From 11 provinces and cities nationwide by late journalist court collected 59 piao criminal cases involving Home-Hotel, statistics, murder caused by result of piao advertising turf are not uncommon.

In these cases, some prostitution gangs mistook “peers compete for business” male guests chopped and will just stay there, some gangs for turf, holding machetes, axes of competitors hands, even his feet cut off.

Statistics showed that 24 o’clock, is prostitution ring into the home activity peaks belongs, at this point in time, if a woman entering the hotel, easy prostitution ring as a “land grab” and “together”.

Hotel 70% were the whoring case through cards

Recently, the law late journalists from 11 provinces and cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui) collected by criminals, such as home, Motel (home group’s brand)-cases of criminal result of piao 59.

Data analysis shows that 41 criminal cases of prostitution, 69%. Among them, the criminals by piao 29 cases of pornographic cards, 71%.

In addition, the “land grab” case 3 cases of prostitution, robbery extortion took place after 13.

Female 24 o’clock at night into the home, prone to prostitution rings as “peers”

By late journalist discovered through data analysis, late-starting at 24 o’clock, into the gang at the height of the home for the purpose of prostitution. At this point in time, if a woman entering the hotel, easy prostitution ring as a “land grab” of prostitutes.

Whoring in reference to specific enrollment transaction time of 46 criminal facts, the time of the crime in the evening, 32, 70%. Crime time after 23 o’clock at night, 20, 44% per cent, the highest proportion; 0 then accounted for 37%.

Men’s House was “accidentally” by axe

Law later reporters through the analysis of cases found, piao group home, motel on the two “stronghold” very seriously.

Home brand hotel in Sanya, Xiamen and Wenzhou have taken place against prostitution gangs “land grab” arising from the criminal case, which has “accidentally” precedent for home visitors. Delegation of the national people s Congress of

On June 4, 2014, had a misunderstanding that the carcass was a home visit to Sanya advertising, mustered Xie and others axes, machetes, smashed carcass of a car parked in front of the hotel, will slaughter a hand-arm, ear and back stabbing.

Prostitution gangs turf cut through competitor feet

Prostitute groups treated turf of competitors start heinous.

On August 28, 2012, Zhang, Yu, Liu at a hotel in Xiamen, see bear, Zhang prostitute ads in all hotels, came beaten prostitute, including a laceration of the left lobe of the liver caused by abdominal massive hemorrhage.

In Wenzhou, swam a persons 19 mafia-style gangs, through the motel, prostitution ads, organizing prostitution for profit.

In November 2010, the tour found that Xu organizing others and his own turf, and gathered many people carry machetes and other weapons, cut for prostitute cards made by Xu Zhang, Xu, Yan, Peng, who led Xu was cut back, right hand cut, and cut off the hands could not be recovered.

In mid-November 2011, tour a prostitute cards made by Deng found a land grab, gathered in the streets after Deng a foot cut off with a knife.

Eventually, the Wenzhou local court organization, leading and participating in mafia-style crimes 6 charges to tour some 19 people, including sentencing.

Like home security charge wouldn’t help drive prostitution competitors

Why criminal gangs always at home’s hotels recruit prostitute cards?

In cases of organized prostitution in female pottery a confession of the accused said, she was responsible for the cards, starting in October 2011 in loosely regulated, such as Inns.

Law later reporters through the analysis of cases found, such as hotels, and some insiders colluded and whoring. Concluded in the Wenzhou intermediate people’s Court in the case of defendant Wang, thanks, on behalf of a motel Qiao in lucheng district, Wenzhou City, is security.

The Court found that from 2009 to 2012 May swim a human successfully organizing prostitution at the hotel, Woo Hotel RUC long Wang and Wang 2000 Yuan a month wouldn’t Wang received the Commission to security after Xie an and a.

Hotel security after the collection of black money, allows travel not only a card made by the groups in Motel Hotel prostitution, procuring, also helped their prostitute cards made by other people.

Also have security to block the porn card were beaten

Security guards tried to stop prostitution in hotels was playing card cases.

In the affray case, Pan, He Mo, such as store cards and store security conflict. November 1, 2010, at 1 o’clock in the morning, Sun raised money, Pan more than more than 10 people, some armed with knives, locks, steel bar, smashing into stores.

Meanwhile, hotel security and South Korea a head, legs, arms and many were cut, front desk white hands were slashed.

March 2012, Yang in the other a prostitute ads such as stores, were staying in a foot bath room-far a block. On March 7, a man armed with a knife, stick into the hotel, Lu a, hit the break.

“Data source”

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Anhui: Hefei high people’s Court.

Fujian: Xiamen Jimei district people’s courts, the people’s Court of Jinan district, Fuzhou City

Hunan Changsha Furong district people’s Court


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