Viet Nam State leaders in advance of a General there are precedents but this

Viet Nam 13th session of the 11th Congress opened in Hanoi on March 21, is expected to close on April 12. This meeting focused on sound national leadership to implement the Viet Nam Communist Party’s 12th National Congress resolutions.

On March 31, the Viet Nam Nguyen Thi Kim NGAN parliamentary elections as President of the new Parliament on April 2, the Standing Committee recommended by the Parliament, Viet Nam Chen Daguang parliamentary elections for a new President on April 6, and will be based on Viet Nam’s President Chen Daguang recommendation, to elect the new Prime Minister. This means that Viet Nam will achieve key national leaders in advance of a general.

Viet Nam State leaders in advance of a General: there are precedents, but this is not the most important reason for

On March 31, 2016, Nguyen Thi Kim NGAN elected Viet Nam after the Congress President sworn in.  Viet Nam Nguyen Thi Kim NGAN, Vice-President of Congress had won 95% votes, becoming the country’s first women in this role. Dongfang IC

General had earlier precedents

In General, the new Congress to elect new State leaders were common practice. Viet Nam State leaders this year in the general election, did not wait for the new Congress on the use of old of the 13th Congress to elect new State leaders, ahead of the country’s leaders of a general.

To this end, the February 2016 10 second plenum of the 12th meeting of 12 sessions, decided to change. Available – the last meeting of the 13th Congress of the 11th Congress elected a new President and Congress President and the Prime Minister.

Viet Nam President of the 13th session of the Congress on March 31 to elect a new Parliament on April 2 to elect a new President on April 6 to elect a new Prime Minister. The General work that was completed on April 8, mainly leaders. The appointment and removal of other ministries leadership left to the first meeting of the new session of the 14th Congress to complete.

But according to Viet Nam the provisions of the Constitution, the first meeting of a new session of Parliament after the country elected a new Congress, “must be convened within ten days”. Today Viet Nam 13th Congress was completed on May 22, 2011 elections, until May 22, 2016 five-year term. On May 22 and 10 days, on June 1. In April, General, it means that the current President and Congress President, enough for five-year term, Prime Minister of the Government, there are three months to maturity, was ahead of schedule.

This practice in Viet Nam there are precedents.

On June 29, 2006, Viet Nam at the 9th meeting of the 11th Congress, election of a new President Nguyen Minh Triet, the National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. At the 11th session of the Congress to full term until May 19, 2007. This is Viet Nam using the old Congress to elect a new leader for the first time, was a precedent. Was doing the main reason is that the then Congress President Nguyen Van an, and Prime Minister Phan Van Khai has had seven, should not remain in Office.

General ahead of the official explanation

Viet Nam Congress after the Standing Committee has decided to be held on May 22, 2016 national polling day, to determine the new Congress’s official representative, 14th session, and the formation of a new Parliament.

Chairman in the last Congress when the first meeting of the new session of Congress, “the Chair, the meeting elected a new Congress President, Chairman of the Presidency of the Congress to the next Congress. ”

Viet Nam leaders of the early transition countries, Viet Nam is also explained. On March 21, the Viet Nam Ruan Xingfu Congress Secretary-General to the media, said ahead of the shift state leaders for two reasons:

This year is the starting year of the next five-year plan, to “get a good momentum”, requiring the State grabbed important posts of leadership from scratch.

Second, ahead of general election is the implementation of a total of 12 major decided to manifestation. A total of 12 major personnel decisions made by, and to implement. 19 elected a new Politburo, there are 11 members are not scheduled to work, should be implemented as soon as possible.

Ruan Wennian explain two reasons are established. Viet Nam was completed on March 31, Chairman of the general election, was completed on April 2 President General, completed on April 6 that the Government of Prime Minister General. Zhihou, Viet Nam specialized committees of the Office of the President, Vice President and Director, Deputy Prime Minister and Government Ministers will be large changes, a large number of personnel transition takes a lot of time. For the administrative functions of the State, and shorten the time it takes the General is to improve administrative efficiency. This is also needed.

This Viet Nam national leaders of General not until new of Congress established and with old of Congress election new of national leaders, is because originally intends to in November 2015 completed held task of more total “12 big” due to postponed to January 2016 only completed has relationship, this delay led to new a session Congress of election also must postponed, because place provinces of main led cannot set down, on to composition all place delegation participate in new of Congress, central institutions of Congress delegation is so.

Therefore, the Vietcong “12” delays will result in delayed a step ahead of congressional elections. Use the old Congress in order to win more time, is an inevitable choice.

But work needs, there must be other reasons.

Viet Nam State leaders in advance of a General: there are precedents, but this is not the most important reason for

Local time on April 2, 2016, Viet Nam Hanoi, public security Minister Chen Daguang election after the new President was sworn in. Dongfang IC

General guarantee in advance of party and Government in a concerted

Under the Viet Nam Communist Party Ordinance (2008) provides that in Viet Nam during the National Congress of the Communist Party, the Politburo is the highest leading body of the party, to supervise and inspect the implementation of the party’s Congress. That is a member of the party and State policies. Under normal circumstances, President and Chairman of the Congress, Prime Minister of the Government, is the ex officio member of the Politburo.

In January 2016, 18-23rd meeting of all 12 had been elected 19 new, a member of the incumbent President Zhang Jin, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, President Nguyen SINH hung will no longer serve as the Central Executive Committee member and member of the Standing Committee of, would be unable to participate in Viet Nam national Politburo meeting.

So the State leaders, leaders of Congress, the Government Prime Minister and the Ministers replaced transfer, must be carried out in advance, in order to promote the new five-year (2016-2020) carried out work plans. This is the organizing principle of need and need to work.

In advance of a General in the United States

Viet Nam national leaders in advance of a general diplomatic relations–United States President Barack Obama around May 28 to visit Viet Nam. United States President in 2017, but also General, Viet Nam and the United States achieved in the Obama “comprehensive partnership” established and significant progress, in particular, Mr Obama is trying to implement the “return to Asia”, pushed by the trans-Pacific partnership agreement (TPP) negotiated agreements, Viet Nam was an important point.

TPP negotiations in 12 countries, Viet Nam was the only United States invited to participate in the State, is the only socialist country to participate in this event.

Even if the sole purpose of TPP forward, Viet Nam to the United States, is a very important strategic significance, not to mention the United States policy on return to Asia and the South China Sea, ASEAN policy.

Overall, Viet Nam United States multiple point of significance, United States are heart knows, but well said.

“Viet Nam Democratic Republic” (“North”) and the United States wish to deal in the Ho Chi Minh era began. On September 2, 1945, has just been announced in Hanoi’s BA Dinh Viet Nam independent Ho Chi Minh eager to get United States support, on January 28, 1946, gave United States President Harry Truman a letter asking United States President acknowledged that Viet Nam is an independent country, no longer under the French rule. But this letter did not receive United States of any response.

However, the United States is actually a course of action to answer a letter from Ho Chi Minh City–it was in 1950 with the Viet Nam South “Viet Nam Republic” establishment of diplomatic relations, has been France army rushed to Viet Nam in the northern Black Forest, “Viet Nam Democratic Republic” as the enemy, to destroy and then quickly.

Have to say, the United States supported the French return to Viet Nam, disdain, Viet Nam was a major strategic error of the Communist regime. United States paid for the mistake with 58,000 young people’s lives and $ 950 billion in military spending. United States Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington Park, while honoring the heroes of the patriotic actions, but that is the United States a pain for more than 300 years.

For the pain, Americans keep on Viet Nam’s high interest. United States President Barack Obama told Nguyen Tan Dung visits Viet Nam’s invitation, said it thought-provoking. He said, “to find Viet Nam”.

Certainly, United States President is not completely not understand Viet Nam, he of consultant Mission in the has more ethnic American scholars, and he of army in the has more ethnic American officers, he in United States White House times interview had Viet Nam of more total General Secretary, and President, and Prime Minister and Viet Nam of different political who, just he by get of Viet Nam information, and by see of Viet Nam people also up not to let he satisfaction of degree, he also need know more of Viet Nam other aspects of things. United States President on Viet Nam’s interest is the United States most of Viet Nam’s interest.

In order to meet the United States President’s interest in Viet Nam in May his visit must be well prepared. Let people see the President, Viet Nam was a general stall, need to be decided as soon as possible. It is related to the more beautiful relationship that in Viet Nam at present is the most important development in international relations.

Naturally, future play people of the future to decide. Total of 12 generals in the General Secretary and the new politburo has decided after Ruan Fu Zhong Xu, President, Prime Minister, President of the Congress candidate, but have to go through all the legal procedures and implement succession ceremony, officially in place, so that in the United States during the President’s visit, there is a new meeting of national leaders and to discuss future of the Vietnam-US relations. In April completed this work, May able to welcome United States President.

Viet Nam State leaders in advance of a General: there are precedents, but this is not the most important reason for

On April 2, 2016, Viet Nam at its 13th plenary meeting of the 11th session of Congress in the capital, Hanoi, and elected Chen Daguang as a former Viet Nam’s President. Photo from Xinhua

Political culture is changing

Total 12 results are the total results of multiple factions within the game, winner early in power, failed to hand over power as soon as possible, this is the political moral decision rules.

Although Viet Nam’s laws such as the Congressional Organic Act of succession is not the time, rituals and so on are very detailed, but an early ceremony is Viet Nam of the political and cultural environment. Rewritten in 2013 and Viet Nam in the Constitution, requires the President, Prime Minister, Chairman of the Congress to hold “swearing-in ceremony” the change we saw these rituals. Organized this ritual attempt to write the law, take time.

Although we are not in favour of dividing the Vietcong as “pro-American”, “pro-China” and “Pro day” faction, but the Viet Nam Communist party faction in the South and North of divided, can be established. No matter what, they maintained Viet Nam is consistent with the national interest, but in the end means, ways, paths differ.

Under normal circumstances, General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party held by northerners, the Prime Minister held by southerners, is a conventional Viet Nam political culture. 2011 had moved, to a change, people can also function as General Secretary of the South, but have failed to do so.

This is a total of 12 positions in many of the great southern lost the election, 19 members of the Politburo are mostly in Viet Nam Northern accent, and the Prime Minister is the Central person, Viet Nam’s political culture has been undergoing significant changes, some of the old traditions will disappear.

The advance to a general, it is a proof of the changing political and cultural work.

In advance of a General is not illegal

We also noted that this Viet Nam the 14th Congress elected new Congress after electing a new leader, but to use the 13th session of the Congress to elect new leaders of the old, whether there is a legal obstacle problem?

In accordance with the Viet Nam of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of (2013) provides that Viet Nam Congress is Viet Nam’s highest organ of State power of the Socialist Republic, Congressional representatives elected for each electoral unit and embody the will and desire of the whole nation’s representative. Congressional representatives for a term of five years. President and Chairman of the Congress, Prime Minister of the Government term consistent with each term of Congress.

Viet Nam every five-year term in Congress, but no clear rules must be made of the new Parliament to elect a new leader. This means that the old Congress to elect new State leaders are also legal. So that this Viet Nam State leaders in advance of a General is in line with Viet Nam stipulated by the Constitution. Food system in Haikou city corruption case involves

Of course, these leaders can do to June of this year, now 3 months term in advance, is a personal loss to them. But whether Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, is the President of Congress Chairman Nguyen SINH hung, Truong Tan Sang, have indicated that they can understand and accept.

In conclusion, Viet Nam national leaders in achieving the party’s leader following the general election ahead, both need to work, and also the need of organizing principles, requires more administration according to law, and Viet Nam’s political culture in which the role of. This is the result of many factors.

(Huang Xing ball, Zhejiang University of technology, Viet Nam Professor, Research Center)


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