Cheng Lianyuan Yunnan Provincial Committee in July last year transferred to

Beijing, Kunming, March 27, on March 27, Kunming, Yunnan, from the newspaper group’s reported new media pocket spring, Kunming, and France established sister city relations, Douglas city agreement signing ceremony held in Kunming, the two cities officially concluded friendship city ties. “Cheng Lianyuan, CPC Party Secretary attended the signing ceremony, mayor Wang Xiliang, Vice Secretary of municipal party Committee and France jieluomu·weiao Douglas Mayor signed agreements”.

This is Cheng Lianyuan first appeared in official media of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, determined to Yunnan Provincial Committee. 4 5 million houses were intermediaries taking

Cheng Lianyuan Yunnan Provincial Committee, in July last year transferred to Kunming from Beijing party Secretary

Statistics show that Cheng Lianyuan for “post”, doctor of engineering degree, management, senior engineer. Since July 1983 participate in work yilai, has been in Beijing inauguration, served as Beijing II light machinery factory technician, Beijing II light industrial Corporation cadres, and technical at Deputy Director, and Deputy Manager, Beijing long up light holding limited responsibility company party Deputy Secretary, and Deputy Chairman, Beijing Beijing instrument holding limited responsibility company party Deputy Secretary, and General Manager, Beijing city industrial promote Council Party Secretary, and Secretary, Communist, Chaoyang District, Board Deputy Secretary, and District Government Deputy Chang, and generation Chang, and Chang.

In July 2012, Cheng Lianyuan, Chaoyang, Beijing party Secretary, 2015 was named national outstanding County (city, district, flags) title of Secretary. In July 2015, Cheng Lianyuan transferred to Kunming Communist Party Secretary.

Earlier, two consecutive Kunming Communist Party Secretary Zhang Tianxin, successive Lok Ma Gao Jinsong, former Kunming Communist Party Secretary of revenge in last two sessions and closing day investigation into alleged serious violation on the organization. Also means, Kunming three party Secretary since 2007 have been another. Therefore, Cheng Lianyuan transferred to Kunming Communist Party Secretary, particularly interesting.

14 personnel list published in October 2015, Yunnan, Cheng Lianyuan in Central Yunnan, Yunnan District Director.

Public reports indicate that Cheng Lianyuan arrived almost eight months since several times for treatment in Dianchi Lake, the comprehensive improvement of the city environment, cultural and creative industry development, grass-roots community governance, urban planning, poverty alleviation and other key research work and major construction projects. Cheng Lianyuan protection and environmental management of Dianchi Lake as “leaders” project, a solid grasp of the work; also “accelerate overtaking leapfrog development in Kunming”; his “livelihood issues are the biggest”, but also lay a solid basis for ensuring that new district development in Central Yunnan good good step, “new preparations are not sheep in Central Yunnan.”


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