Street gangs had entrenched General Hospital of the air force threat line dared

Dealer has a row number for others to make the company’s business, you will be responsible for marketing, real boss is behind. This is a hidden dark industry chain, in the mobile Internet age, forming a line “seckill” source, below the line, tight “human wave” in two different modes.

Below the line, dealer groups, although some are still using old patterns of the human line, but this model is evolving into a standard company operations. They share the profits, pay for the recruits lined up, they arranged live, uniform up uniform to work.

Beijing Youth daily reporter found that traffickers hired people lined up by the Internet or any other means, will each control the front of the line, to register a limited number of experts, special fares sold to patients. A but more than 10-odd registration ID, regular priced at 300 yuan, was carried up to 3000 for sale.

On February 21, the North Green newspaper reporter in his capacity as applicant, dealer groups entrenched in the General Hospital of the air force, undercover, opened this corporatization “discount, the rivers and lakes,” the tip of the iceberg.

Online hiring 100 “queue”

Street gangs had entrenched General Hospital of the air force threat line: dared to stand in the front row, put your

Traffickers, “working time” is the 5:30 P.M. began to 7:30 the next morning.

“Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! “On February 20, working part time in Beijing a QQ Group, someone post a job hanging specialist information.

Dealer, Li Li (a pseudonym), job information, queue registered personnel to the hospital that night, price of 100 Yuan, work starts at 5:30 P.M. until 7:30.

“We provide quilts, sleeping everywhere, even though it’s cold outside, you make money, we for the sake of quantity. “Li repeatedly told, candidates need to bring their own ID cards.

As the dealers, direct, candidate collection locations in West fishing Line 10 subway station exit a, time is 5:30 P.M..

21st, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, bei Qing collection of reporters rushed to the sites, dealers, Lily did not appear. But she said over the phone, at present two candidates have arrived, but they occupy, can’t come to meet someone.

Issued Lili North Green newspaper reporter a phone number, she said it was her brother’s number, the other party is responsible for arranging queue. North Green newspaper reporter called the phone, the man put the reporter on the air force General Hospital emergency room wait for a notification, when someone will call.

“You are lined up, right? Me too. “8 o’clock in the evening, the air force General Hospital, in the emergency room corridor, a young boy to the North Green chatting up reporters.

The guy claiming to be him is registered in line for others, and to bring friends over.

“I see recruitment line register from the net, before applying for. “The guy said, he is not in line for the first time, teams have been to its dealers ranked hospitals before, they do work, part-time dealer, to line up, you want to earn pocket money.

Dealers own team

21st, at 8 o’clock in the evening, the air force General Hospital Emergency Department suddenly appeared at the door of seven or eight men, one by one to call candidate.

“Tail number your phone number? “See the Northern green newspaper reporter, a crew-cut men who wear red jackets asked. Verify the information, he called another five or six candidates, assign a queued task.

“You (reporters) a team with him, let him take it. “Next to the crew cut man, pointing to a man in their 50,” your row 4 and 7 teams. ”

North Green newspaper reporter observed, air force General Hospital registered line, Hall has 8 registered window, outside of the Office need to be 8 line, has four rows of troops on each side of the Hall.

At 10 o’clock, a row number in hospital Hall, name dealers pull your own rope, hold the cone and order of the arrangements stand.

Its dealers display these objects snap, they took 8 cones from the corner, each Cone was labeled and placed 4, circle at the door across the Hall with a rope, and arrange the candidates stand.

Placed after the cones, a man who wears a gray coat, glasses come in a hurry, followed by four young men.

“This is the boss, who is behind the small heads, each in charge of a team, or captain. “The more than 50-year old man whispered to his side North Green newspaper reporter said.

“You (reporters) standing 4 first. “After greeting, the boss of bei Qing reporters repeatedly asked,” you are the faces, hanging special consultation clinic, Dermatology and orthopedics. ”

“You pretend to neck pain or backache. “He touched her neck, pointed waist,” the met police, you said your line, don’t give us a line. ”

Finished, the boss went back and forth several times, arrange the candidates troop stand in order. 30 minutes later, the boss man drives a car leave.

North Green newspaper reporter observed, 8 registered teams, to apply per person in line to occupy at least the first two, a rough estimate, the recruit of lining up candidates for 16 people.

“You dare to stand first, give you out”

21st, at 8 o’clock in the evening, except for those 16 candidates lined up outside registration where a young woman is already lining up at the door of the Hall, she squats in the registration Hall, all cell phones.

When the dealer arrangement, these formations, and woman standing in the first team for the first number. After a few minutes, a dealer, take the initiative to find women. CPPCC Member Bai yansong the dialogue departments

“You can only third place. “The dealer said, you cannot be the first, third, certainly can hang on to. The woman insisted that she not consent, she said she came so early, had been in the first place, why to wait behind a third could not hang on.

The woman said she queued in advance to the hospital, her mother was ranked, are orthopaedic. On Wednesday, she lined up for the night, came in third, but when her turn to register, is gone.

“This time, third, I definitely can hang on, otherwise tomorrow I’ll give you a number. “Traffickers keep persuasion, women did not agree.

At this time, several dealers crowded around, dealers, one woman shouting: “If you are standing in the first, we put you out, when you don’t even have a number. ”

Nearly 10 minutes after the standoff, dealers in the semi threat half persuasion, the woman agreed. Dealers from the first team, she was first put up at the last second.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, and the woman standing in line for nearly 3 hours and bags to leave. Hospital register 6 the next morning, to the hall door, woman was not seen again.

“She may not live to see, it is estimated that don’t want to wait for. “Several dealers said later.

Direct line standoff with patients

Street gangs had entrenched General Hospital of the air force threat line: dared to stand in the front row, put your

February 21 at 10 o’clock in the evening, some patients have arrived at the Hall of the General Hospital of the air force one by registered mail.

21st, at 10 o’clock in the evening, some patients have arrived at the hospital lobby register, despite the cold weather, but worried, not hanging, they are unwilling to leave the team. After team dealers occupy the front row, leaving items such as a piece of brick, stone and bench, and then hid in the emergency room to keep warm.

According to the relevant provisions of the General Hospital of the air force, are experts in orthopedics and dermatology daily, one only in the registration Hall, special handling.

The hospital has a bone-setting treatment, Dermatology and other key disciplines and specialties Center, this is air force General Hospital, two of the most popular sections. The next morning, Hall will become the most concentrated place.

At around 11 o’clock, North of green when the reporter waiting in line to register, hospital security guards descended on the queue.

“No brick. “Words, security dealers, will put bricks all into the next corner, and then walk away.

22nd at 1 o’clock in the morning, some medical patients have come to line up, the team gradually lined up in formation, its dealers and also in the emergency room.

When traders clashed with the patients.

“I queued up yesterday afternoon, I have been in the first. “At 2 o’clock in the morning, a candidate for a row number and came in 3rd with an argument.

“What evidence do you have, and didn’t put anything on the floor, who can prove that? “The patient reluctant to cede position, insist on keeping its dealers in the first place.

“You asked back to be let you jump? They agree that I have no opinion. “Came in 3rd behind the patient asks for the location of the queue, but the next person has to speak.

6:30 A.M., North Green newspaper reporter was still ranked last, first, is responsible for four of a man carrying two plastic bags come in, followed by a young woman.

“She stood first, you (journalists) II. “The owner said the remarks, with plastic bags placed in the first position, end of the line did not speak.

Three traffickers were caught by police

“So many people standing in line, we can’t tell who is the dealer. “Many people queuing to register complaints, traffickers take people to jump the queue.

At 6 o’clock in the morning more than 40 points, a police car suddenly to the hospital gate, car several plainclothes policemen, seven or eight security have arrived. Several plainclothes police armed with torches and lights to the teams keep sweeping back and forth.

“This man cut in line. “Patients before, dealers and at loggerheads, a lined up patients against the police shouted with one voice.

“You come out, identity card number? “The police pulled out, dealers ask dealers shuffle, no ID card, police police cars on the dealer, this directly.

Police visited several times, constantly pulling from a registered team number dealer.

Bei Qing newspaper scene, hidden in the registered teams over more than 10 dealers, police uncovered three, the rest in mixed teams.

“It is police work, one can find number dealer, you have to check, or we simply can’t put it. “Several queue registered said.

At 6 o’clock in the morning more than 40 points, after visiting the number of civilian police and security, opened the registration Hall for security doors, teams of registered personnel to enter the Hall.

At this time, the police are still checking the waiting staff ID card information, verify whether the line staff to traffickers.


Real-name registration no match for dealers?

“Registering said real-name registration, but it cannot manage. “Tian Wei (pseudonym), when the dealer for three years, his deep understanding of hospital rules.

In fact, on May 26, 2003, Beijing Municipal Health Bureau issued the emergency notice on hospital real-name system, required now on patients must be ID, account of this and other valid identification for real-name registration.

Tian Wei said, most patients are in the field, children without ID or Medicare card, registration is difficult to verify the child’s identity.

“ID cards a lot, mostly lost or stolen identity cards, a price of 150 Yuan. “Tian Wei said,” you see this line there are several no ID card, they used other people’s identity cards. ”

“The hospital did not verify the registered person’s identity? “Northern green newspaper reporter asked Tian Wei. He shook his head: “the doctor does not recognize identification, anyway, I have never been asked. ”

Tian Wei said, when registered, in addition to the patient’s medical card, you also need to fill in a medical form, with parents on a social security number. He said its dealers with a patient ID card, fill in the list can register, some hospitals would not carry identity cards checked.

Tian Wei said he often queue registered in the hospital, police and security guards know him, one can recognize, so registration often use other people’s identity cards.

Tian Wei said that because of experts must have a patient ID card and documents can be referred to him, sit back and take a number; there is also a case, near the hospital when he registered persons to team front row, queues, to pay in person.

North Green newspaper reporter found that on-line QQ Group, some patients or patients ‘ families openly buy online, price of 300 yuan, simply submit identity card information.

In depth

Dealers, turf

This large number of “dealer” entrenched in the General Hospital of the air force, repeatedly struck, “death and resurrection.”

When the traffickers Li Qiang, 10 (not his real name) in the eyes, in addition to enormous economic benefits, the traffickers have their own groups and sites.

Li Qiang, memories, in 2006, he had previously managed a Beijing hospital registered business, he’s just small managers, responsible for 10 people lined up, his boss, then there are more top management.

He said he is lined up before the registration, see, making money, hire a few people to form a team to occupy the hospital.

“Taking away” the hospital business, Li Qiang, also caused a lot of trouble, other dealers, often to compete for “turf”.

“Do? Bai! “Li Qiang said, was over turf,” negotiation “, talk failed, Convenor of hand fighting on both sides, who wins is the site of.

Li Qiang, going it alone did not take long, a boss who is responsible for a number of hospital business initiative to find him. “Are you with me, to ensure no one robbed of your site. “When the brilliance of speaking, tone became more rapid as Li Qiang.

Since Li Qiang with the boss, and no one would dare come and seize territory. In the eyes of Li Qiang, the boss, deep background.

Li Qiang said he interface dealers in Beijing 10 to hospitals than “home” cooked.

“Food and shelter in the hospital. “Li Qiang said, because fewer experts on Saturday, except for Friday night, they slept the night at the hospital, eating outside hotel,” with no difference. ”

“When the expert diagnosis, hung a few a day, and touch done. “Li Qiang said, they ranked the best experts, hang up, don’t worry no one to buy,” after getting, we shouted, there is a well-known expert in the hospital, immediately rushed to buy. ”

According to the General Hospital of the air force’s official website published price, General specialist at ranges of 7 to 14, special consultation clinic registration fee is 75 to 300 yuan.

Li Qiang said, they hire people to wait, and a limited number of specialists, patients with special needs to register to sell single fare. Allegedly, each registration price ranges, generally priced at 300 yuan, and some sell 1000, some sell 1500, was carried up to 3000 for sale.

Li Qiang said that after selling, they would hang, nadatou profit split is the boss on your own head, line up and also make small heads. , Such as a 200 Yuan, the boss get 100 Yuan, I get 50 Yuan, line up and also make 50 Yuan.

Li Qiang, remembers when his staff lined up, the patient does not, they put the beverage box in front of the team, at the number of hospitals, he quickly please.

“Patients ask why are there so many people jump the queue, is said to drink bottle carton, a bottle a person. “Li Qiang said, they are a group, dealers, numbers, most patients simply daring to speak.


Haidian police had detained 85 this year, dealers

North Green reporter from the Haidian Police yesterday learned that in 2015, Haidian police detained traffickers 315, and 2014, detained traffickers rose almost 1 time.

Since the beginning of 2016, Haidian police further check against dealers of illegal and criminal activities. Yesterday, the Haidian Public Security Bureau security detachment North Green official told reporters, since 2016, in the Haidian police check dealer for a strong hit, dealers, reported police intelligence fell 23%, from January to March, Haidian police have detained 85 people, dealers, rose 174%.

North Green newspaper reporter learned that aimed at the dealer, air force General Hospital, area police station in the key period of patients Queuing for, whether or not they received the alarm, will carry out patrols and visits to hospitals, in order to detect traffickers, this fight has become solidified in the form of norm.

Haidian police said that in its work on governance, traffickers, police have already taken many means. Haidian police set up special action programme of work combating traffickers, through the coordination of comprehensive management Department convene joint meetings on a regular basis, inform the 5 key hospitals in the area reported to police intelligence about traffickers, there is crack, as well as the results of existing problems, and make recommendations for future work.

Police officials told the North Green newspaper reporter, now check crack dealers can only order detention punishment. The official said, which also caused the traffickers were detained after the release, again will “return to work”.

“Unless there is between traffickers, organized land grab or fight to compete for business, such as malignant behavior, we can be punished under criminal law. “One senior police official said,” We also call upon the public’s concern about this problem, on the legislative level be improved. ”


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