After reading both Japan s latest design I was ignorant was forced

After reading both Japan's latest design, I was ignorant was forced ... ...

Talking smart-wearable, but Japanese brain circuits and others are not the same, so carelessly they will play some people dead creative … … You all set? We begin with the following:


Wow, that first picture people clamoring: Ah ~ ~ ~ this is to take rape scenes, is so exciting, and muha HA HA … … Actor Visual wear on your waist that is hell? Across the back from the future, representing the Moon punished the lewd woman?

Obviously not! The Japanese seriously speaking, belonging to bet the designer’s glory, how can we be so erotic story!

Therefore, the Director, please write, this is a smart-wearable devices!


How smart and wearable law? Say it scares you, this is a voice-activated pop-up condom belt!!!!


Can you understand? Yes, Japanese is so lifting fried day they even work when tempted to role play-on-one with destiny heroes, how could personally from his pocket and cut inside condom?! So must to “gave I power’s seaman” such cool dazzle of roared a sound, then condoms on Shoop of a sound shot out, he again sets Shang this war methyl, to shot below that evil of slut only on AH ~ (feed, female main you tie about line no, such laugh have spent branch mess fibrillation, is on male actor hard performances of not respect Ah! ) GUCCI iPhone 6+


Bunker to have this concept right? And that is not what cats can come up with creative oh-so it comes from the famous subsidiary of Okamoto love loving lab! Mind, they found, reasons for carrying inconvenient, when Japanese run around outside, not condom … …


Female Institute which worried us, she felt (? ) Presents this great research and development plans, sincere heart shows


After some hard tests, after spent countless boxes of Okamoto condom (?! ), The three-person development team finally took out the prototype


The world’s first intelligent belt, able to shoot Okamoto Shoop Shoop Shoop Zero One condom!


Trio, excited, decided to collect an idiot Oh no hero to experiment:


After some more difficult screening, shortlisted following bad success:

GUCCI iPhone 6 plus Cases


After wearing this smart belts, hero set foot on thong Hutong tour, the trio are nervously monitoring surveillance cameras by hero:


See, a hero to call condoms!


Condom shot out!


A handsome hero and seize it!


Trio was excited to make the next wave of women researchers broke … … Great, saved the Japanese!


Well, well, this is indeed an epoch-making products … … Next, we’ll look at today’s second wearable device:


There, a look at the girl with instant noodle, you know, this is a remarkable product … … This is called “music wig”, simply put, girl on her head a Bluetooth power amplifier, amplifier is connected on dozens of hundreds of headphones, so you have more friends, you can listen to music together … …


Since it is a wig, the style must be varied, so designers have prepared 3 types of modeling, there must be a worthy of you fine features and breakthrough brain hole in the sky:


How about you isn’t it? Don’t be embarrassed to admit this … … Designers said that this design can make you enjoy star treatment, where are the focus of attention, you can be like DJ around and share your hyper-tasteful music and not disturb other people who don’t want to listen to music … … GUCCI iPhone 6 plus Cases


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