Beijing Executive Vice Center site found dozens of tombs of the Han dynasty

Beijing Executive Vice Center site found dozens of tombs of the Han dynasty, was suspected of having stolen

2016 years on March 13, the Beijing administrative center Hu GE Zhuang village south, site spaces found in the tombs of the Han dynasty, staff on site survey and excavation. Dongfang IC

Administrative center under construction in Beijing, Tongzhou district, Beijing on the site had found dozens of tombs of the Han dynasty, archaeologists said these burials had allegedly stolen. Rampant dealer survey they have a variety of magic

Tombs discovered is located in the South side of the village Board, on March 14, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) seen from the archaeological site, wearing work clothes staff is on site to carry out excavations. South side of the site, there are several Tomb that has been cleaned up. Multiple security patrols have been under martial law.

Surging, a staff member at the scene told the news, these tombs were found in more than 20 days ago, when the site starts, digging foundations, tombs are found, immediately notify the departments of cultural relics.

According to Chinese reports, archaeologists say, Han tombs found that some of the porcelain is from the scene, there are dozens of, judging from the scene, some bricks in the graves more messy, ever suspect that these tombs were stolen.

News to staff at the site prove the surging, tombs of the Tomb owner’s identity can be determined, worth are tombs have been found influencing the Executive Center building, have received no response.

Surging construction electrician surnamed Wang told news, currently on the site mainly focuses on exploration and Tomb Raider. According to the previous plan, around July 2017, construction to completion, “don’t know if Tomb discovery would enable time delay”.

The legal evening news reported on March 7, Executive Vice Mayor of Beijing, Li Shixiang said the end of 2017, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the municipal people’s Congress, municipal government, the city’s Committee of four bodies will be time to move to the administrative center Office, will achieve the 400,000 people stress out.


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