Yunnan police punishment illegal vehicles were street beat beat women detained

The afternoon of March 4, upstream of journalists was informed that the municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police city of Lijiang, Yunnan province, traffic police in Shangri-La Avenue xinmiao kindergarten sections in accordance with the processing of a contrary to stop cars, being passenger Wang Street beatings. At present, passengers, Wang has been detained in gucheng district, Lijiang City Public Security Bureau branch.

NET exposure of Lijiang was woman traffic police slapped

March 4 at 10 o’clock in the morning, local Twitter @ live in Yunnan province, Yunnan has released the “net exposure was woman slapped Lijiang police, friends: do not hit back, calling the questions” Twitter said in 3rd network circulated a video, along with “Lijiang police do not strike back, scolding questions salute you”.

In this 27-second video, a silver sedan parked in the middle of the road, while a uniformed traffic COP was slapped by a black woman, black woman play curse, police finally slumped to the ground, next to a man the woman away.

Many netizens after seeing video, have said police work is not easy, as well as traffic police injustice.

Police said assaulted woman traffic police have detained

At noon on March 4, official letter in gucheng district, Lijiang City Public Security Bureau Branch issued a statement saying the streets beating woman traffic police had been detained.

Police said the March 3 17:9, Xian police station received 110 orders in gucheng district, Lijiang City Public Security Bureau Branch said: “there is a new talent kindergarten were traffic police were on duty at the entrance, please get involved. “Police rushed to the scene, and brought people back to the police station for further investigation.

By preliminary survey, March 3 16:30 Xu, King xxx driving with wife King a and the children, by North to South in incense grid in Avenue driving, dang car line to high fast station near Shi, King xxx will car stopped in non-motor vehicle road within, intends to to near of small sold shop to son buy water, duty police found this situation Hou will came for stop, told King xxx illegal parking behavior, and identification has King XXX of license, and driving card, while requirements King xxx immediately left.

Wang combined with police enforcement will be moved to a new talent kindergarten do not affect traffic near the intersection, but sat in the back of the vehicle passengers, Wang kept on police abuse.

Police in the process of communicating with the driver Wang, and his wife, Wang suddenly rushed out of the car, hands and knees beating civilian police, the police any bodily injury. Guangdong reproduction HIV nurse two elderly people

Police said the passengers surnamed Wang on suspicion of obstructing, was detained in gucheng district, Lijiang City Public Security Bureau branch, in the further processing of the case.

Lijiang City Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Zhou Wencheng said that after police in carrying out their duties during the lawless elements impairing, violence cases of attacking police, the criminal liability, not criminal punishment.


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