Patients on the operating table in Sichuan were fare with a knife say 3 000

Mr Jiang’s operation fee invoice.

“Not increase project signed confirmations, really scared they just ignored me. “The patient Mr Jiang in Mianyang, Sichuan, needs to undergo a prostate operation. This feeling of time and place, impartiality is what happens on the operating table. Shaanxi two sisters injured by Rescue Corps detachment

According to Mr Jiang, he worked in a hospital medical institutions in Mianyang, called the Advisory, they can fix in less than 3000 Yuan. When doctors operated on, suddenly told Mr Jiang also needs to do a private part of plastic surgery, looked at him then stopped operation. In this case, only costs 1600 Yuan Chiang did this surgery. Unexpectedly, after the doctors said, need to make a correction. It’s not over yet, doctors also said Chiang of lying on the operating table, no longer does a prostate surgery cannot. Finally, I heard that can cure the disease in less than 3000 Yuan Jiang, came more than 9,000 yuan bills.

Vertical and horizontal reviews:

If Mr Jiang said is true, then the “fare with a knife” in nature, and “holding a body for ransom” may have a fight. The cost of holding a body for ransom just to public order and good custom in Exchange for money, “knife-premium” make conscience money the cost of human lives. After all, when a hospital, a doctor-saving duty castrated himself as “money does not make a fool”, that not only damaged the image of the patient’s health, doctors, doctor-patient relationship, but also the credibility of regulators.


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