Shandong survey villagers due to one of the bags was beaten to death by village

New year’s day is a time for family reunion, Fushan district, Yantai City, Shandong Gatehouse Bao Zhen Xiao Jia Cun, 39 villagers in early June but were beaten to death on the same day. Surging on news of Fushan District Public Security Bureau Police Brigade staff (www.thepaper.CN), arrested for assault in early June the Committee Director Su Jie Bao has been caught, cases are still under investigation. Mount Emei scenic area hurt high dozens of monkeys

Bao’s wife, Wang Li, in early June (not his real name) on February 26, surging told the news, who is Director of the village Committee in early June treasure Su Jie, due early June Po job new year was not received the second prize.

According to Wang Li said, Bao has been a hotel in Yantai, in early June as a cook for two or three years there is no home for the new year. At noon on new year’s Day dinner with the whole family this time, more than 70 years old, Milliner told everyone, their village not received their deserved prize. So, drink a little drink, early June call Su Jie Bao inquire about it.

“Su Jie abusive on the phone, ask for triad I object. “Wang Li said Su Jie hang, came about in the village they met again, at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, in early June baohetang two people come to the village, but where the Bao by Su Jie, in early June and has resulted in more than 10 men kicked and punched, cousins trapped by people not be able to save lives.

Li said that beating has ended when she arrived on the scene, when Bao sat on the ground unable to move, in early June, mouth was full of blood and family immediately drove to the hospital, but Bao died on the road in early June, and sent to the hospital also failed to come.

Day pass beat scene of a villager surnamed Jin said, when he saw “the Chief” Su Jie with a man in the village, Bao was beaten in early June is sore, but he did not see the hit process.

Xiao Jia Cun village party xiaoenzhong told surging news, early June baoerbo is villagers representative, is village of old captain one of, new year Shi, for village has to its sent has ten pounds meat, so in to old captain are distribution a bags rice and gift box Shi, on no again to he, but on new year’s day Shi early June treasure for thing to Su Jie call, at both are drink has wine, then occurred body conflict.

Xiaoenzhong said Su Jie 30, has become the head of village more than a year. To his knowledge, hands-on beat Bao in early June was mainly caused by Su Jie people, Su Jie himself did not strike a blow. However, this claim has not been confirmed by the police.

“Now the autopsy report hasn’t come out, not sure you treasure the specific cause of death. “Says Li, Bao’s death, in early June, leaving her six-year old son, and the loss of the only son of his parents.

GateHouse in Fushan District Public Security Branch police station on February 26, surging told news, Jiun Bao died after being beaten up at the beginning of a case has been transferred to branch of Interpol investigations, cases are still under investigation.


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