Survey shows that 2 3 goes the Chinese white collar workers year end bonuses

Survey shows that 2/3 goes the Chinese white-collar workers year-end bonuses, pork made by the enterprises and self-help books

In the recruitment network in 32 cities surveyed in the eastern city of Hangzhou was ranked first, the average bonus is 15044. China Visual information

As the engine of world economic growth slowing to white-collar workers, the upcoming Spring Festival may not be that happy.

According to the United States, the Wall Street Journal website reported on January 28, with the Spring Festival approaching, China – many companies give their workers a year-end bonus is generally one month’s wages or more. But this year, the world’s second-largest economy from the boss to hand lucrative bonus or additional bonus is expected to reduce the number of salaried.

This information comes from a study at Zhaopin. The Web site said, in their survey of 10,615 people in white-collar, two-thirds did not get the monkey from the bosses bonuses or did not expect to get.

Last year, there were 61.2% of respondents gave the same answer.

A major candy manufacturer sales manager Cai Xuan (voice) said that since its 2012 entry, will be the first time she did not get bonuses this year. 56 ABC President Zhang Yun resigned due to personal

CAI told the China Times reporter said: “we did not achieve the annual sales target, it’s as simple as that. ”

The past three years, due to the rapid growth of business, CAI bonus monthly income of between 150% and 180%. This year, however, she had to deal with no prize money, she wanted to use the money to buy home appliances, to send relatives red envelopes.

CAI said: “the economic slowdown, we had a weak growth of fast moving consumer goods industry–some of which are negative. “Her business there was zero growth.

In 2015, China’s economic growth rate was 6.9%, reached the Government’s target of about 7%. But the world’s second-largest economy by domestic turmoil in the stock market, overcapacity and other problems.

CAI said the reduced number of people go to the supermarket, and smart consumers begin shopping online.

Reports that this may explain the recruitment network discovery, network and corporate white-collar staff bonuses more than other areas of science and technology, second only to the financial and energy sectors.

In the recruitment network in 32 cities surveyed in the eastern city of Hangzhou was ranked first, the average bonus is 15044. Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing ranked, 14412, 13532 Yuan and 11714 Yuan respectively.

Experts say over causes of first-tier cities in China, Hangzhou is a highly dense science and technology enterprises, including China’s Internet giant Alibaba group.

Reports said, however, the recruitment of nets, no matter what your industry, job title, or company, 2015 is a year of shrinking bonuses. 25.8% respondents reduce bonuses blamed the economic downturn, and 21.4% think is because of the bad economic efficiency of enterprises.

Recruitment network found that most of the bonuses will be paid in cash. However, the 11.7% paid white collar workers said they got the goods, including some strange things, such as pork, tickets, self-help books, Kara OK coupons, rice and instrument cleansing and so on.

Reported at Zhaopin stresses, unsatisfactory bonuses could lead to high turnover rates. 36.4% of the white-collar workers polled said if current owner bonuses are not up to their expectations, they will move on.


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