Hardware startup Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all

This is a small series of read article, has the world’s most accurate Gear VR experience report, and mobile VR+AR equipment Impression.PI design concept to share. When author Chi, uSens Ling technology co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, their new product Impression.PI is Kickstarter to raise, VR Group in Silicon Valley told you, what is the real and raised.

Audience polling

Starting from the end of 2014, I completely changed my dress.

Hardware startup, Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all

I will be carrying a bag every day to attend a variety of occasions, met with a variety of people, sharing on various things related to VR and VR.

Bag with charger, Note 4 Samsung mobile phone, there is this Gear VR virtual reality glasses–it is a Samsung product, but is the Oculus of the technology.

Hardware startup, Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all

In almost every conversation in the process, I naturally or unnaturally took out the glasses to show off, and suggests how wonderful the world is. The vast majority of people will not refuse trial because I was bad to sell technology, curiosity made them willing to huge mobile phone to their faces. Kenzo iPhone Case

This “interview” with a lot of follow-up procedures, such as the reaction of the respondents, feel, as well as purchase intent, and so on, and for those people who expressed strong intent to buy on the spot I usually will have some tracking and return visits.

So far, this “talk” there were more than 500 times. Talking to my parents, elders, to 4, 5 year old kindergarten children, from office workers to drop car, Uber lifestyle in the driver.

Interviewed more than 500 passengers, was rejected 28 times the number of refused were mostly well-dressed, hair about the sportsman models, scale, hair kill curiosity concerns product itself did not become a major constraint.

The moment when people wear glasses, Ooh, exciting shows, then I will do some more introductory explanations, teach them how to use it, how to focus, how to experience the most representative of a variety of effects.

Also, I will use the camera to record their exaggerated expressions.

Hardware startup, Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all

These people are privileged to become the world’s first trial of virtual reality equipment small white (rat).

From 2014 to now, today I have visited more than more than 500 small white (rat), and collect a wide range of first-hand the end consumer using feedback, and some choose to buy part of customer visits. They included 90, 00, after young people, including office workers and other representative groups.

This later became a habit for me, regardless of what package does not leave the body at all times, mirrors are not in hand.

This work continued and ultimately influence our Impression of Pi in designing their own product positioning, we organize the respondents ‘ feedback, into forming a product a baseline/benchmark (Baseline), as well as some Nice to have feature. It can be said that user advice on Impression of the characteristics described in Pi when it was first published there is a very direct connection, goes even further, our whole product is based on a broad sample of marketing research and design feedback.

 1.74% users want to move your head can do more fashion, 19% users like the current Gear VR model (after I gave them a model of the Oculus); 7% users do not matter;

2.66% of users felt too small, hard to carry 21% indicates that the basic acceptable; 13% users do not matter;

3.68% users think they need head can fit a variety of smart phones instead of just one or two models of a brand; 27% users say they only need to match Apple’s mobile phone users is enough-_-!;5% that only consider buying one of the models;

4.45% of users want into the experience in real-world scenarios (AR); 36% of user said no; 29% AR users find it difficult to imagine the experience is not evaluated;

5.95% users wear head, experienced VR Introduction when trying to use hands to touch the scene or asked whether touch-“touch it? ”;

6. the 99% of the user at the time of first use of hands to hold the helmet, most people finger access to the right of the dashboard, causes the video playback to pause;

7. after 72% think that they need to put on a head; 18% the user experience because when you can’t see the outside world almost of danger;

8.26% user feel dizzy, overwhelmed; 62% users think the effect is awesome, there is no feeling of dizziness; 12% the user feel dizzy feeling is not obvious.

9.68% users will care about this thing long after cause nearsightedness and other vision problems.

10.22% of the asking price (9 plus tax) said they would consider buying; 53% of users indicated that they would buy Google Cardboard this entry-level devices.

11.98% of adult men experiencing the VirtualRealPorn think this is necessary; adult male user 80% offered as VirtualRealPorn the content or buying Gear VR applications.

12. over 5% users wear a helmet would mess up hair, makeup, not willing to take off glasses, strange as it may seem in public places, and has officially refused to experience such as helmets of work/activities.

13. over 22% users wear a helmet would mess up hair, makeup, not willing to take off glasses, strange as it may seem in public places, and will also have formal work/activities, such as reason to wear a helmet, but the hand on the way to experience the helmet.

14.100% of children (kids surveyed only 42) enthusiasm for helmet performance led directly to parents began to want to experience.

15. in return of some users, 70% purchased the user probably reflecting the battery problems

16. in return of some users, 90% purchase users reflect the overheating prompted the rest of problems

17. in return of some users, users no longer use Gear VR 100% purchase, feeling fresh without, but it lacks content (including adult material).

18. in return of some users, only less than 10% the user represents a single Gear to bring cameras get AR location seems to be some effect.

19. in return of some users, nearly 60% users can’t pick up the phone, almost 90% user said she did not know how to prevent the text messages and phone calls came in.

20. in return of some users, 80% users have expressed for a long time will not be taken into account to purchase any equipment. Some tech-savvy said he was even willing to try another next-generation Gear.


All chips

In early March, when before we started on the Kickstarter to raise two or three days, we held a virtual product launch based on micro-letter group, has invited more than 700 participants. Basically, these people from all walks of life, KOL industry opinion leaders, there are also only interested in products of passerby a, b, c, and has a very high professional quality of institutional investors of TMT, silos, but recognizes that prospects for VR applications in various traditions of the industry representatives.

Launches efficient and warm, just two hours, raising product for our audience to win the first official supporters and fans.

Then, we in the world of PI day (March 14) landed the day before the official United States Kickstarter to raise platforms, and on the third day after the launch of the target raised $ 78,000.

Fans and the amount continued to increase, up to now has been closer to $ 200,000. Many people have asked us why aim so low? This product and Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR differ? Why spend so much energy on the Kickstarter supporters answer each question and ignore the media-oriented branding? Why some backers on Kickstarter, feel free to make a comment, can lead to the adjustment of our product?

——–, Raised in back, we have a deeper layer of intent: 


Currently available products are monopolized by several companies, either by a group of small fortress, everyone goes in the VR developers circle around or impose things on the c-terminal of immature market. No one really careful to listen to consumers and continue to make improvements.

Oculus has been unable To c, and some rushed To c are almost all comments are very poor. 

This is where we are most concerned about: we hope that the future customer, developer, consumer and all involved in our entire design and production, we not only crowdfunding (chips), and crowdcreating (Gen).

All existing at the Kickstarter supporters comments, nearly half of our team in response to a supporter of a variety of issues, over and over again, patiently discuss with supporters, eventually forming a modified opinion. In our project updates, most of the technical updates directly from online supporters comments and suggestions our online activities collected under a variety of voices.

1. the free SDK released

2. the Pi UI patterns to determine

3. the interconnection of mobile and PC

4. the Rift on the PC running Oculus adapted to the mobile version of the game

5. how to avoid the Oculus Rift display problems

6. further improvement of design

7. application of vertical planning

Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

8. Add sponge face stickers

This allows us and all are completely different VR Head, our product is a crystallization of collective wisdom, is the product of consumer feedback. It in the design of fast iteration, reflects feedback from users and technology to achieve a dynamic balance between.

This feedback has continued, we have been preparing for the establishment of an independent design community, invite users who constant contribution of idea engineers, into our Impression of Pi Innovation Hub. Latest Update priority projects to the community for further feedback.

Sounds is no stranger to this iteration—–Lei success of millet, adopts this pattern, pooling, rapid iteration, escalating—-the VR only such products can in today’s rapidly changing market competition based on.

Away from KS end also has more than 20 days, this for Impression Pi such of a paragraph products, just long March of first step, we has in Kickstarter, company official website, and various line Xia activities in the are clear of GF hero post, hope the road insight, VR and the various hardware equipment of lovers, developers, consumers are active participation to we of products design in the to, and we with witness this paragraph revolutionary VR products of birth and constantly progress. 

Hardware startup, Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all


Hardware startup, Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all
Hardware startup, Silicon Valley VR team tells you the real chips and all

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Gear VR

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Gear VR Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

Gear VR gave me the feeling is similar to popular smart watch, VR equipment there is no ability to completely replace other electronic equipment, especially Gear VR itself also needs to rely on a Samsung Smartphone, and if it is in use, there is an incoming call, SMS or email, users will also need to answer phone out from Gear VR treatment.

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