Guangxi primary school principals send 2 88 million meals 2 48 million for

South China Morning Post, January 11, experimental primary school canteen by inflating cost of XING′an County, Guangxi, false accounts, obtain student meal fee of 2.8858 million Yuan, with various reasons for issuing teacher benefits 2.4845 million Yuan.

On January 4, the Internet post reflect said XING ‘ an experimental primary school teachers in Guangxi reported former President Tang to use public funds, but Tang is still at large. On January 8, from xingan County nanguo morning post journalist discipline Committee was informed that, in April and August last year, the sector had been former President of XING ‘ an experimental primary school of Tang and former Vice President of an investigation. Investigations found that the school cafeteria by inflating costs, false accounts, obtain student meal fee of 2.8858 million Yuan, with various reasons for issuing teacher benefits 2.4845 million Yuan. On December 29, 2015, the City Commission for discipline inspection in the city of Guilin below, briefed Tang, horse’s problems. Xingan County Commission for discipline inspection has 2 arrested for delinquency and clues transferred to the procuratorial organs, in the present cases are under processing. October 2015, Tang and Ma have been removed from Office and transferred from the experimental primary school, but informants see 2 people are still at work, so recently again post reported.

Survey: school canteen were found true and false both of the books

On January 4, appeared on the life network of Guilin Guilin Forum an Internet post, reported XING ‘ an experimental primary school headmaster Tang in school facilities exist in the purchase of teaching equipment violations, said Tang “form school pocketed public funds, since impunity”. Posts signed “experimental primary school teachers”. Truth of the matter? Journalists were investigated.

It is understood that XING ‘ an experimental primary school is a boarding school, for the convenience of parents and students, started a school cafeteria, students eat breakfast and lunch at school. After the cafeteria workers to prepare the meals, distributed by the teacher picked to the classroom. After lunch, the teachers will take students to lunch. Teacher pay labor, some subsidies for this. But what about the money come from? With some teachers reported the truth surfaced.

In December 2014, xingan County discipline Inspection Commission received reflect XING ‘ an experimental primary school principal Don clues to some disciplinary problems. Initial check in April 2015, xingan County discipline Inspection Committee Office-bearers of the Tang, a survey in August of the same year, xingan County Commission for discipline inspection to the school when he was Vice President of an investigation. Subway breastfeeding party her husband restore

Survey found that 4 in the autumn of 2013 to 2015 spring semester, XING ‘ an experimental primary school, 1500 people, President TANG asked when the dining room every day purchases only 35 kilos of meat and 150 kilograms of cake supplies breakfast and lunch for students. Therefore, actual expenditures in the canteen is only 26.17% per cent of students the Board, every semester to produce huge profits. In order to cover up the fact that school canteen staff fraud accounts, expenditure increased the canteen, canteen profits from the book to zero. Cafeteria also has a real book, which records the actual cost. Canteen accounting, Treasury and other finance staff will send out private student meals in the bank account. To avoid detection, register issue of each semester the teacher after the welfare of the school, ‘ and really burn their books, retaining only the books for future reference.

Address: number of personnel have been investigated and dealt with

After investigation, spring in experimental primary school the fall of 2013 to 2015, XING ‘ an all 4 semesters canteen revenue 5.087 million Yuan, including student meal fee income of 5.0083 million Yuan, and other income of 78,700 Yuan. The school through the inflated costs, false accounts get student meal fee of 2.8858 million Yuan, 2.4845 million Yuan was disbursed to schools for various reasons some more than 50 teachers as welfare. 2015 spring semester get 400,000 yuan, xingan County Disciplinary Committee found and asked not to use.

Xingan County Secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission sixth discipline introduced Zhao Mou, State Department of education has provided before, school canteens allow 20% of profits. 2010 and other related departments of the State Department of education on school-wide student canteen stopped consolidated gross margin management provides notification of implementation (GUI teaches fiscal base [2010]52), stops execution of the previous provision of the profit is allowed, zero profit requires the school cafeteria, cafeteria work such as school teachers may not receive grants. But XING ‘ an experimental primary school of students for student meals really only 26.17%, serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of parents and students. Xingan County Inspectorate issued a monitoring proposal on the matter, requiring all of the benefits the money to whoever out, drew 37,000 yuan per capita to the school account 2.8858 million yuan in illegal cash back.

In September, xingan County Commission for discipline inspection will Don a horse at a suspected crime and clues transferred xingan County Prosecutor’s Office dealt with according to law. In October, xingan County Bureau of education of Tang and Ma made the dismissal decision, and out of the experimental primary school, waiting for the next step. Former Secretary Hwang xingan County Education Bureau and the former Party Secretary Jiang, the responsible supervision of experimental primary school cafeteria, resulting in cash and dividing up the students of the School Board, and inadequate to monitor the implementation of the recommendations, the implementation is not in place, his acts constitutes an error. December 2015, Huang was a serious warning inside the party, Jiang a warning within the party.

Measures: canteen day after corrective public procurement

On December 29, 2015, the City Commission for discipline inspection in the city of Guilin below, briefed Tang, horse’s problems. On January 4, relevant Internet post appeared, xingan County discipline Inspection Commission also replies to investigate situation, and experimental elementary school-related personnel misconduct tolerance, resolutely investigate and deal with.

Cases and in the process found XING ‘ an experimental elementary school cafeteria system, inadequate supervision, school leaders and teachers of the law consciousness, cause canteens to school leaders and teachers and welfare “little garden”. But also exposes a real problem in the survey, school teachers distribute to carry deliver meals from the dining hall to the classroom, paid labour, but according to the related provisions are not eligible for benefits, the problem exists in many schools.

On January 8, the reporter went to XING ‘ an interview with the Education Bureau, which is organizing the County’s principals meeting, the theme of the meeting is to strengthen the management of primary and middle school cafeteria. According to Bureau Deputy Director Tang weihong, XING ‘ an introduction, on January 10, the newly appointed Party Secretary and Secretary for Education Office, will lead team focused on global management of County schools cafeteria renovation work, composed of 5 Inspection Unit of the County financial management of school canteens, income and expenses, material procurement, food quality and safety to conduct a thorough verification. In accordance with the “non-profit” requirements, adhere to the “public interest” principle to redesign the new school canteen management systems and models throughout the County, the school canteen expenditures into the school’s financial statements, standardized management.

Tang weihong said experimental primary school canteen after disciplinary problems were found, the County Education Bureau reorganized the school leadership team, appointed a new headmaster. The school canteen April 2015 fires burned, opened after reconstruction on December 29, 2015. At present, the school canteen in strict accordance with “zero profit” discipline for management, food purchasing daily publication, and consciously accept the supervision of parents and the community. School cafeteria payments on a regular basis to school teachers, students and parents to the public in a timely manner, and submitted to the Education Department for the record.


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