Checkpoint was attacked in Inner Mongolia Mungan police authorities of qualitatively

Checkpoint was attacked in Inner Mongolia: Mungan police authorities of qualitatively different, one being caught two others surrendered

Hundreds of masked men attacked checkpoints in Inner Mongolia was the scene.

Bombing of the ejin banner, Inner Mongolia Malian well integrated enforcement checkpoints, local police have arrested 1 suspect in connection with, another 2 people to surrender.

Checkpoint was attacked early this morning, masked assailant in two hours

Ejin Qi, Inner Mongolia Government website news, December 6, at 3 o’clock in the morning, ejin banner in Malian law enforcement inspection station nearly suffered for up to 2 hours of violence by unidentified masked men attacked, resulted in 13 people were injured, 6 of them were seriously injured, and caused property losses initially estimated at 10 million Yuan.

After the incident, ejin banner, police set up a task force of major criminal cases, in accordance with the Central Government, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region leaders and Vice President Mindy important instructions instructions, spare no efforts to detect them. Shenmu auxiliary police escaped the villagers

, Meng Public Security Bureau in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau deployment guidance of professional technical personnel involved in the case, au Bureau Deputy au long, Public Security Bureau Liu Haidong led Taskforce Police traveled Mongolian ganliangsheng, spanned the investigation cases.

The afternoon of December 8, astonished Police successfully arrested 1 suspect in connection with. In addition, 2 in connection with the suspect surrendered to the police authority.

Qualitative major criminal cases, police in Inner Mongolia, Gansu province, the police are still characterized as a security event

On December 8, the ejin banner, ALXA League of Inner Mongolia flag Committee propaganda Department release said the ejin banner, Inner Mongolia has been on December 6 in Malian violence attack characterized as a major criminal cases. Local police also issued the “about urging the ’12 • 06′ involved the violent attacks to surrender announcement.”

According to local police, the incident by the Inner Mongolia public security organs ‘ initial investigation has been characterized as a major criminal cases. This qualitative, qualitative upgrades than was previously the case.

Previously, Alxa League public security organ said Malian checkpoint bombing was erjina County, Inner Mongolia jinta, Gansu province and the border dispute “serious public order incident”.

And informed police in Gansu province, the characterization of the events as a security event.

On December 8, the junction of Gansu “12·6” security event press conference held at jinta, Gansu, jinta County Public Security Bureau Director of the command center Yang revealed that two people have so far surrendered to the La Quinta police, La Quinta police investigation.

Gansu province, police said after the incident, the Gansu Provincial Committee, the provincial government and provincial public security Department, attach, sent a special working group to guide the work, Jiuquan municipal government rushed to convene a meeting, deployment investigations, Dragnet investigations in large range according to the case.

As of December 7, at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and police force has been deployed on the space town, jinta County village three-level cadres, double Bay village land management around players and illegal possession of Gammon dual eligible residents, conducted a survey to ask and record evidence, and survey the scene.

Police issued a bulletin urging who surrendered, a reward for clues

Ejin banner police organ announcement said, where involved at large personnel, must immediately stop all illegal crime activities, in this announcement released of day up to December 31, 2015 Qian surrendered surrendered of, be lenient processing, lighter or reduce punishment; has expose others crime behavior, check true of, or provides important clues, help case detected of, lighter or reduce punishment; has major meritorious service performance of, reduce or from punishment; where in provides term within refused to surrendered surrendered, stubborn, and Continue to escaped fugitive suspect hiding, once captured, strongly heavier punishment according to law.

Notice also said that who know involved in the case of citizens, have an obligation to the public security, procuratorial, expose, to expose people, procuratorial and judicial organs in accordance with the confidentiality and protection. Reports the Meritorious Award, provide valuable clues in the award of 10,000 yuan, provided important clues to help arrest involved the award of 30,000 yuan, provide clues and help police solve the case awarded 50,000 yuan, have major meritorious services award of 60,000 yuan. Meanwhile, whistleblower retaliation, officers involved, the public security organs will be strictly punished according to law.

Problems left over by history, and result in land dispute

Attacks by land dispute between Meng Gan.

Ejin Qi Dong Feng Zhen, Director of the land and Li Yanbo had introduced when interviewed, according to the standard in 1958, Malian comprehensive ejin banner, is in law enforcement and inspection station area. The land is controversial, ejin banner, because in 1969 had been allocated to Gansu province, in 1979 when the ejin banner, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, owning land classified along with the ejin banner, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. For many years, ejin banner, jinta, Gansu province unilaterally considered “occupied” land. In fact, for the site, Jiuquan city, Gansu Provincial Government and the Gansu Provincial people’s Government endorsed the ownership of ejin banner.

Alashan daily official micro-signal “alashan today” previously reported, on September 17 this year, jinta, Gansu province surnamed Zhen Yi Tian, Deputy Mayor led the more than more than 40 hooded men, armed with sticks and the containment of ejin banner in Malian law enforcement inspection station.

Jinta, Gansu province, 20 minutes away from Malian law enforcement inspection station, due to the small population in jinta County land, ejin banner, for many years the County has been continuously occupied lands and illegal use. Similar to September 17 to cause trouble was not the first time.

Alashan daily earlier reported that Mungan and ecological construction of ejin banner, border disputes, local Malian law enforcement inspection stations were established in 2012. Alashan Government website information also confirmed the station here to defend Mongolia Malian Gan border region stable momentum of jinta County, and suppression of illegal use of land.


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