Jiangxi Shangrao killings fugitive shot shot while resisting arrest a snack

Scene East IC Hunan House failed female military training and

Shinshu, Shangrao city, Jiangxi province, according to the Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau official Twitter @ Shinshu police online news, recently, Shangrao Xinzhou district, and two-level public security organ successfully identified “11.02” gun-related murder fugitive Army (male, nicknamed “the three cats”, 34 years old, Shangrao County man) hiding place (a Park building), 6:10 A.M. arrest. Capture process, the warnings should be persuaded to vote does not listen to the police, fight, fire resisting arrest, was shot by police. Meanwhile, public security organs captured Lin Mouyi, Lin, Huang Jie and other 3 suspected of harboring the suspects, seized homemade shotguns. At present, the case was under investigation.

Scene East IC

@ Shinshu police online, November 3, November 2, 10:45 P.M., Xinzhou district Ji Yanglu a supper in a homemade ball shotgun assault, 4 people were injured (all in Shangrao County people, of which one was sent to the hospital died, other people without life-threatening). At present, the case is under further investigation.


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