CBA back to back strange beat one more minute so why the League called a

What basketball popular in China? The answer is “extra time”.

Four rounds of the CBA new season, record and timer completely steal. On November 10, Shenzhen and Fujian in the final section of the game after 13 minutes of play in Shanghai lost to Liaoning team in 12th 99:104 home game, also appeared in the final section of “time” for a minute.

Because of the two incidents occurred, the home team in a backward state, this was suspected by fans, timer is faulty or is manipulating the game?

Timer suddenly increased by a minute.

Shanghai men’s basketball: timer problem has nothing to do with the team

12th night, last season’s runners-up Liaoning team to visit Shanghai, right from the beginning of the game the two sides in a stalemate until last 4 minutes of the fourth section, the dramatic scene of the fans and players unconsciously put the.

3 minutes 57 seconds left in the game, Liaoning foreign aid Hudson hit three points 81:83 down Shanghai’s men’s basketball team, was forced to suspend and enter the paused for a moment, timer suddenly turned from 3 minutes and 57 seconds to 4 minutes 57 seconds, but the staff does not change by the time of the recording.

“Timer issue we also noticed, but we must make it clear that it does not have any relationship with the team. “Shanghai surging edging, spokesman told the news of the men’s basketball team (www.thepaper.CN) journalist.

Time frames in 4 minutes 57 seconds after the game as usual.

In fact, throughout the game that night was actually found this “accident”, that is, team assistant coach, Zhang Wenqi of Shanghai. During the pause, Zhang Wenqi went to the table with staff intervened, confirm that error, but it is understood that the record the answer is given–“no problem.”

For the outside world and fans questioned, edging surging to reporters: “Although this is the home of Shanghai, but according to the regulations, table staff and technical representatives are designated by the China Basketball Association Shanghai basket Concord, and the team doesn’t matter. ”

“After the game, we have also been concerned about the issue, hoping to find the specific cause. “Zhang said. “We can do now, is to communicate with Shanghai Municipal Basketball Association venues requiring replacement of the timing device prior to the next game, to ensure that such problems do not recur. ”

Shenzhen and Fujian in the time from 1 minute 42 seconds to 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

“We are Communist Party members, would not do such a thing”

On November 10, Shenzhen and Fujian in the final section of the game is also played 13 minutes, Shenzhen team responded immediately after the game, saying, “not through such insidious means to reach the goal of winning. ”

Shenzhen site this year has just been established, there is a technical failure is excusable, but the CBA has 20 years experience in Shanghai?

Prior to the known problems, we need to know what officers recorded frame structure and timing equipment.

According to the Shanghai Basketball Association introduced current CBA League field records made up of 11 staff members, 1 of whom is a technical representative from the Chinese Basketball Association to oversee the game; the remaining 10 were commissioned by the race Centre established by the Shanghai Municipal basketball staff. In Shanghai, this 3 out of 10 national referee, referee at the 3 level.

Record timer on the table consists of a host and two auxiliary units, auxiliary buttons to start, stop and reset three buttons. Timekeeper and 24 seconds the timekeeper can only operate two auxiliaries. If you want to increase the time, can only be done on the host.

In Shenzhen and Fujian after the Shenzhen official said supply timer in the CBA League Jinling sports technicians, manufacturers communicate results, saying “additional time there are two situations: one is equipment failure, one is manipulated. ”

“We are to investigate the accident, but we have to note that, at the last minute added a minute, neither good for the game, so there is no reason for the subjective intent to change the time. “Xue Tai, head of the Shanghai record surging told journalists.

“Our staff is carefully selected and trained, and they are Communist Party members, we will not do such a thing. ”

According to Xue Taichang introduced, these timing equipment is 2009-2010 season men’s Basketball home game moved to Shanghai yuanshen Stadium replaced, fault had never occurred.

CBA game timer. Photo: men’s basketball official in Shenzhen.

Sichuan team for “technological accidents” were ordered demoted

Men’s basketball assistant coach, Zhang Wenqi of Shanghai in the suspension of the negotiations, and what explains it?

Xue long surge, said this may be errors in communication.

“Zhang Wenqi said at the time a problem we thought he said is that we ‘ jumped ‘ time, so we told him no problem. “Xue explained on the stage,” were there, even our staff be aware of time running out for a minute. ”

According to the Shanghai Basketball Association said, has commissioned Shanghai yuanshen Sports Centre in charge of men’s Basketball home and controlling security cameras found in the game, and no one touches the host. “We now have two solutions, one is to ask the Court to change the new change; the other timer factory was invited to send representatives to the Court to supervise the game and pinpoint the problem. ”

League consecutive “extra time” issue, Basketball Association will investigate and deal with?

CBA League Office Director Zhang Xiong said in an interview with Xinhua: “even if the timer’s own fault, but timekeepers, technical representatives and spot the referee failed to detect and correct errors, cannot shirk its responsibility for this. League organizers further treatment will depend on the final results of the investigation. ”

CBA game, change the timer event is not there. 1998-1999, Home technology, Sichuan has two serious violations.

In 1999, for the first time on March 3, Sichuan and Shandong at home games, missed the game due to timer error 3 minutes; the second was on March 7, 1999, game against Jilin, Jilin-pointers count for two points, and so profits eventually won the game. Women’s Volleyball World “Lang ping law”, the “Iron Hammer” in i

On promotion to relegation season that there, Sichuan team technology two illegal actions have a direct impact on the outcome of the game, teams make a profit, but in the end they were basketball’s most severe punishment, ordered direct relegation.


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