He chaired a central financial and economic leading group of the 11th meeting

He chaired a central financial and economic leading group of the 11th meeting

Profile picture photo: network County chief engineer, Commander Lok Ma, this

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman of the morning of November 10, the central financial and economic leading group, XI Jinping hosted Central Finance and Economics leading group of 11th meeting of economic structural reform and the city to work. He delivered an important speech stressed that advancing the structural reform of the economy, is the implementation of the party’s 18 plenary session one of the most important initiatives. To firm set and implement implementation innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared of development concept, adapted economic development new normal, insisted stability in the seeking into, insisted reform, implemented macro policy to stability, and industry policy to associate, and micro policy to live, and reform policy to real, and social policy to backing of policy, strategy Shang insisted protracted, tactical Shang playing good annihilation, in moderate expanded total needs of while, to strengthening supply side structural reform, to improve supply system quality and efficiency, enhanced economic continued growth power, Promote the level of social productive forces in our country to achieve overall jump.

, A Standing Committee member of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Head of the central financial and economic leading group under the State Council, Mr LI, a Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the central financial and economic leading group members Liu Yunshan, Member of the Standing Committee, the State Council Vice Premier, Central Finance and Economics leading group member Zhang gaoli attended the meeting.

Meeting of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the people’s Bank report on economic structural reform, listen to a Housing Ministry report on strengthening management of city planning and construction. Leading group was discussed.

XI Jinping stressed in his speech, macroeconomic policies to stability, is to stick to the proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, for the structural reform of the economy to create a stable macroeconomic environment. Industrial policy, is to accurately locate the direction of economic structural reform, economic development entities, persist in innovation-driven development, activate the growth momentum in the stock, completing short Board, accelerate the development of green, actively utilizing foreign capital, actively and steadily increasing foreign investment. Micro policies to live, is to uphold and improve the basic economic system, improving the market environment, stimulating business activity and consumer potential, institutional market and investment policy to create a relaxed environment, create a free movement of goods, equal exchange market environment. Reform policies are to be implemented, focus is to strengthen its efforts to promote reforms in the area of ground, accelerating economic growth has significant traction in State-owned enterprises, financial system, financial system and other reforms. Social policy backing, bottom line is to keep people’s livelihood, employment and social security work, and effectively safeguard the basic livelihood of the masses.

XI pointed out that advancing the structural reform of the economy, it should address the outstanding problems, seize the key points. To effectively promote overcapacity, promote the optimization and reorganization of the industry. To reduce costs, and help businesses to maintain a competitive advantage. To resolve real estate inventory, promote sustainable development of the real estate industry. In order to prevent financial risks and develop finance functions, basic system solid and effective market regulation, investors full protection of the rights of the stock market.

XI Jinping stressed that advancing the structural reform of the economy, to persist in emancipating and developing social productive forces, persist in taking economic construction as the central task unswervingly, adhere to the overall layout of the five-in-one. To adhere to the Socialist market economy reforms, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, mobilize enthusiasm and play the important role of entrepreneurs in the promotion of economic development, innovation into full play the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the people and cadres at all levels.

XI noted that city work, first of all to understand, respect and comply with the law of urban development, good urban development guidelines. Rural migrant citizens, accelerate the rate of increase registered population in cities and towns. To enhance urban livability, guiding control the urban scale, optimize the layout of urban space, strengthening the construction of municipal infrastructure, protection of the historical and cultural heritage. To reform and improve urban planning, reform of the planning system. To reform the management system, rationalize the Division of responsibilities of the Department, improving urban management, implementation responsibility. To strengthen safety supervision, establishment of specialized and professional disaster relief team.

Attended by members of the central financial and economic leading group, Central and responsible comrades of relevant State departments to attend the meeting.

Prior to this, he chaired a central financial and economic leading group of the tenth meeting, the poverty relief and development work, fight poverty campaign is completely deployed.


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