Elections in Myanmar Yangon Hotel ban all cities on alert sent sensitive

Elections in Myanmar: Yangon Hotel ban all cities on alert sent sensitive information

November 1 to 14th, Yangon, over half of the Police Board.

Elections in Myanmar, Yangon City-wide alert, Orange alert.

Myanmar official daily the new light of Myanmar newspaper English Edition reported on November 6, safety orange warning released Yangon, Myanmar. In Yangon, the Government strengthened deployment of police. Myanmar’s police chief said: “from November 1 to the 14th, Yangon, over half of the police action, and full support of the more than more than 3,000 police. ”

The Government recruited more than more than 40,000 temporary police to ensure security during the election. Election day, will deploy more than 5,400 votes more than the interim police.

Earlier, the Myanmar Election Commission Chairman Wu Dingai said when meeting with foreign diplomats in the Myanmar Embassy, 6,065 candidates to run in national elections. According to the latest election Commission released 91 political parties and 310 independent party candidates, 6,039 candidates were competing for more than more than 1000 seats. Yangon areas there are 5,495 votes, 4.9 million citizens have the right to vote.

Since its election campaign, Yangon security early warning rapid escalation, from yellow to orange. Before the campaign, the police have assigned police in places of worship. Hefei Shushan district Deputy District Chief Mei

Myanmar of the Golden Phoenix Chinese-language newspaper released on November 6, the eve of the general election in Myanmar, told compatriots, warned overseas Chinese to “carefully” and “low-key” leave me alone “red or green”, and let you tell “go home a little earlier, at no more than 9:30.”

Elections in Myanmar: Yangon Hotel ban all cities on alert sent sensitive information

Thant Zin on November 4 Facebook posting said: in order to ensure national security during the election, the Government deployed armed forces in Myanmar waters. Especially the Navy and air force, issued a red alert in Myanmar waters.

Myanmar said earlier that the Ministry of the Interior, throughout Myanmar in early November to mid-April, police forces to fully alert.

Reporters walked in the streets of Yangon, did not feel strange. Street party in Yangon in the last campaign, told reporters a local Burmese Chinese, may have many plainclothes police on the street, these days it’s best not to ask politically. Elections at the weekend, you should be very careful.

Located in Yangon’s Daddy’s Home Hotel owner says, “hotels are fully occupied at this time in previous years, but this year’s election, House empty out a lot, because many of the countries Embassy restrictions for nationals of Myanmar. “He asked reporters to Myanmar ends, warned reporters not to hotel published politically sensitive information, or else the Government will each address find information through the network, giving him trouble.

Stu School of journalism reporting mission to Myanmar Myanmar feeds


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