Today s local news select list just heat haze in Harbin in Northeast China had

On November 3, 2015, the burst of smog index table, Harbin, and some schools closed. (Photo: CFP)

With this year winter of heating quarter began yihou, China North multiple provinces even was fog haze weather invasion Harbin fog haze burst table, most elementary and middle schools closed avoidance haze; capital yiwai, around of social disputes still constantly, Jiangxi Shangrao late at night occurred shooting event, has to at least 1 died 3 injury; Guangxi Nanning is has female anchor late at night save anti-was framed, fortunately has lane records instrument also its innocent; and in Shenzhen, a primary school plastic runway toluene was exceeded 20 times times, appeared many name students flow nosebleed……

“Heilongjiang” Harbin was heavy pollution weather suspension to avoid haze

As the winter heating season began, several provinces in North China suffered haze weather. According to the keepers, 3rd, in Harbin, capital of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province, suffered the first severe winter smog, smog in the downtown, most primary and secondary schools in the city have announced suspension “to avoid haze”.

In recent years, air pollution in Harbin more than two years ago, and this year’s winter heating season had severe smog, resulting in all primary and secondary schools in the urban areas of Harbin was forced to close, many highways closed.

2nd 20 o’clock, Harbin 6 monitoring of PM2.5 concentrations in real time and explosive form 500, all 11 monitoring points for serious pollution. On November 3, Harbin Street, most of the people are wearing masks.

According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal environmental protection Bureau, Harbin, Harbin municipal environmental protection Bureau has released a 2nd night this winter’s first heavy pollution weather grade (blue) warning notices, the next 48 hours in Harbin urban atmospheric stability, is not conducive to diffusion, will remain heavily polluted, the primary pollutants for PM2.5.

“Jiangxi” Shangrao night shooting has caused at least 1 dead, 3 injured

Shooting is not only the film’s plot, is true in real life going on. According to the Jiangxi network news, friends broke the news that the night of November 2, shooting incident in Shangrao city streets, where a woman died after being rushed to hospital invalid, as well as several of the injured died in hospital.

However, with the user broke the difference is, the hospital said the victim was a male. 120, Shangrao city hotline said 2nd night at 11 o’clock, people to call for help. “Barbecue, Shangrao city, call the tea Saint Lu shootings, there are 4 officers hurt, need urgent help. “Allegedly, Shang Rao Christmas night by the hospital to the rescue. The staff member said last night in Shangrao tea Sage Lu treated 4 injured, one man died, wounds to gunshot wounds.

In addition, the reporter also contacted Shangrao Xinzhou District Criminal Investigation Brigade, said that information cannot reveal.

(Users upload picture bullets, photo: network) Three of Nanjing for rich development involved

“Guangxi” anchorwoman in Nanning late save against framed travel recorder innocence 

According to the Beijing Morning Post reported on October 31, 22:30, 1074 anchorwoman after Feng Yao Yu, Nanning city, South tunnel, found an electric vehicle owners collapsed, so get off the rescue. Did not expect kindness help her, but was injured framed as “perpetrators”, but driving recorder her innocence.

The time of the incident, Yao Yu driving home from work found an electric car in the middle of the road, a man was on the roadside, covered in blood, while the site has a lot of gravel on the ground and some suspected parts of vehicles.

“See this, and I came to a stop in front of a car. When my car just has a friend who is a doctor. I immediately called the police, an ambulance, a doctor friend of the people on the ground to inspect rescue and the other two men down on the car as well as traffic. “Yao Yu said the man was unconscious. After after a simple dressing, she and a friend were standing next to the waiting police and 120.

After the ambulance arrived, Yao Yu and friends are ready to leave, but the injured man suddenly out of 120 doctors, lying before the vehicle hood to Yao Yu, and she insisted that she hit him and insulted several times in order to attack Windows, taking pictures, lying across the front, such as blocking its drive.

Subsequently, the police and friends electric car owners came to the scene, Yao Yu out of vehicle traveling data recorder, prove just good parking to the rescue. The man’s friends and police watched the video. Yao Yu changed until then the man said, “you are good people, good.” But all not point to her guilt and gratitude.

“Shenzhen” runway toluene over 20 times more than a primary school student has nosebleeds

Shenzhen Futian District, Mei Lin primary school number of students nosebleeds, cough, parents who suspect this new track of the schools.

According to the Southern Metropolis daily reported that related departments on October 26 on the playground track and basketball in sampling the surface layer of, according to test results published, toluene and xylene on average exceeded the national standard of the runway 20 times, detection of Ethylbenzene and xylene in air associated with the runway. Mei Lin primary school 2nd announced it would close for a week, and again on November 9 after the test results before deciding whether to resume. Teacher will guide the students ‘ school work during the suspension.

This summer, a total of 5 schools, Futian District, the runway construction, currently four school runway measuring no abnormal. Shenzhen City Bureau said, to strengthen the day-to-day management of teaching physical education and sports activities on campus, especially students using plastic sports site health monitoring, once found plastic ground smell gross, student physical discomfort, such as is the case, should stop using them immediately and to take appropriate measures and report to the higher education authority.

“Anhui” Huainan is “the rare” bribery case: education received kickbacks was convicted of taking bribes 

In six years, Huainan city, Anhui Province Huainan xiejiaji District Education Bureau required school uniform from the subscription of the Xinhua Bookstore textbooks and other learning materials, with “publicity fee” out of accounts on behalf of accepting kickbacks of the Xinhua Bookstore 523924, judgment in a court constituted the crime of taking bribes and sentenced to a fine of 200,000 yuan.

The legal evening news reported that the State was found to constitute bribery, rare in the country.

Huainan xiejiaji District Education Bureau Director Wang Jixian, Yuan Chuansu, Deputy Director, accounting an LU, the behavior of managers and persons, and three of the accused defendant’s behavior had constituted the crime of taking bribes. Wang Jixian, Yuan Chuansu, and other facts of bribery. Wang Chi went to accept someone else’s property worth a total of more than 800,000 yuan, Yuan Chuansu accept someone else’s property worth more than 310,000 yuan, their behavior constituted the crime of bribery.

Huainan xiejiaji District Education Bureau Director Wang Jixian admitted after being caught helping Xinhua Bookstore glad over school textbooks and other learning materials, and education promotion. Huainan city, Tao, Deputy Manager of the Xinhua Bookstore’s explanation is more specific: prior to 2006, Anhui Province school supplementary information required from the Bough. After 2006, supplementary materials selection, and each school can not purchase from Xinhua Bookstore in Anhui Province. In order to sell supplementary information Xinhua Bookstore to the “promotional” name to kickbacks.


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