Canton Metro Superbug was detected a bacteria detection rates on the rise

Canton Metro Superbug was detected a bacteria detection rates on the rise

Photo: CFP

On October 29, the domestic research team in international academic journals the scientific report (Scientific Reports) has published a research report, said Guangzhou MTR system Super bacteria was detected – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is a dangerous bacteria, antibiotics did not work.

Superbugs are a kind of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it is not like ordinary bacteria can be controlled with antibiotics, variation generated after the bacteria is the overuse of antibiotics, are resistant to all antibiotics. Superbugs can fester and poison caused blisters on a personal, gradually let the muscle necrosis, or even cause death.

Monitoring of Superbugs in Guangzhou metro is made up of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University School of public health Professor Yao Zhenjiang led the research team. The team’s report said, their 7 in Guangzhou metro line (line 1,2,3,4,5,8 and APM) 320 samples were collected, sampling points involving a total of 32 subway stations, including handrails, seating, ticket machines and escalators in the subway often out of position by some passengers.

Results indicate that 60.31% (193) sampling points containing drug-resistant Staphylococcus, including 8 Super bacteria, detection rate 2.5%. In Guangzhou in the past and there is no monitoring of Superbugs similar studies have been carried out, but in 2010 according to the Southern Metropolis daily article, Guangzhou has been sporadic detection of Pan resistant bacteria, and Guangdong have been identified while the Superbug.

Because of the antibiotics on bacteria do not take effect, most people infected with a Superbug risk. The past two years, domestic the Superbug infections in some areas and caused the death of.

In October 2013, the country’s first cases of patients died from infections caused by bacteria. According to the Hong Kong Center for health protection of the Department of health, the public health laboratory service confirmed on October 7 of that year, a 25-year old man NDM-1 Pan-resistant Enterobacteriaceae bacteria, finally died, it also sounded the alarm on the Mainland. China will take part in “change”: now I have three

2014, the Superbug well blowout in the individual areas of China, and Hubei Province, is one of them. Last year prevalence of Superbugs in Hubei started to rise gradually, detection rate in the first quarter of this year has reached 13.6%-14.6%, about 14% of common Enterobacteriaceae becomes Superbug.

In April this year, according to the chutian metropolis daily reported, a 3 year old boy after inspection of Hubei province found that people with chronic enteritis complicated with lung infections, found it infected with a Superbug CRE further bacterial culture, are resistant to all antibiotics in clinic, bacteria cause septicemia caused shortly after the boy died.

Because there is no effective drug treatment superbugs is still the world’s health problems, so people feel fear. In recent years, due to the abuse of antibiotics, some parts of the country’s rate of Superbugs has an upward trend.

For the Superbug was detected in Guangzhou metro, experts say, although the bacteria dangerous, but people also need not worry, as long as you don’t let the wound exposed to bacteria, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, generally don’t have to worry about being infected.


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