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Held 18 plenary session draws near, Central members will gather in Beijing to jointly plan. Plenary session of this two years members is always one to watch. Because of this corruption touched an unprecedented number of top officials, revocation and replacement members in plenary almost became “a standard agenda”.

By Convention, the Central Committee of the year of the general election in five years is relatively stable, even fine tune, nor too big. However, Chang an Street (app ID:Capitalnews) comb found in 18 to 18 plenary three years, 205 Central Committee has 104 easy time, adjust the scale is rare.

81 people to take “cold turned hot” position adjust highlights

Chang an Street (app ID:Capitalnews) found that 18 major was elected member of the Central officials are generally subject to reuse, ordnance Zhang Guoqing transferred to Deputy Secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, aerospace science and industry long Xu Dazhe as the national space agency, the Bank of China Xiao gang under the SFC. Aerospace Science and technology Ma Xingrui was 3-for-5, and he transferred, Chairman of aerospace science and technology Vice Minister at the Ministry, after Guangdong in the South, served as Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee, the Communist Party Secretary, the Party Secretary of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Party Secretary, positions is a new year.

“Cold turned hot” is central members positions adjustment of another a big points, some original in research institutions, and social groups, and “upsets” post and remote work of officials have turned any Government officer big collectors and key sector, like trade unions member first Secretary of the Wang Yupu, 18 big Hou first turned any China engineering hospital Deputy Dean, recently and received Palm Sinopec, the old oil people this round anti-corruption tide in the can be described as is “alone”. Besides, series do director Wang Dongming transferred Sichuan Provincial Secretary, national administrative college Secretary of the Li Jianhua as Ningxia autonomous regions Secretary of the, China Association Executive Deputy President Chen as Department Executive Deputy Minister, national petition Secretary Wang as Anhui Governor (now has took over as provincial Secretary), Central Standing Hong Kong contact do director Peng Qinghua as Guangxi autonomous regions Secretary of the, Xinjiang autonomous regions President Nur bekri as national energy Secretary, they of positions adjustment Hou, for career of next development expand has more big space.

Assumed office, Yuan chunqing position adjustment is a bit of “hot-cold”, in August last year, Yuan less than the retirement age from the Shanxi provincial party Secretary Office transferred to the Deputy Head of the Central leading group on rural work, outside, between the “gap” is fairly high. Is known: on the Yuan, Shanxi Provincial Committee “fallen way corruption.”

Party Wang Xinxian, Secretary of the China disabled persons ‘ Federation was a regular ministerial-level cadres, in 2013, 59, of his case in the absence of any indication of the outgoing Party Secretary, team ranked 8th in the Federation, officials have not yet specify reasons. This adjustment is rare in the past. Position adjustment the King shortly after he began to serve as Deputy Director of the social and Legislative Committee of the National Committee.

16 people second-tier all to NPC active ageing

Elected member of the ministerial-level cadres, more as a “veteran”, who after 65 years of age, will be arranged to the Chinese people political consultative conference served to continue “active ageing”, not the retirement formalities, we often call this arrangement “back second-tier”.

Yunnan province Qin guangrong “return the second-tier” has quite a special, he was 64 years old had been arranged in advance to serve on the national people’s Congress, about this interpretation is similar to Yuan chunqing, referred to above. During his tenure, Yunnan provincial leaders Lok, Shanxi province anti-corruption outside the hardest-hit areas.

Young Hainan Provincial Governor Jiang Ding “back second-tier” some compelling, in January this year, he suddenly transferred to party Secretary of the Jiangsu provincial people’s Congress, the Deputy Director. The “two sessions”, he himself says “and” won’t back down a good ear “visible physical reasons. Jiang Ding from Jiangsu, career started in Jiangsu, the adjustment is returning.

Xie Zhenhua, and Meng xuenong is a member of two “special” officials who have resigned because of the term major accident, after a comeback, also entered the Central Committee, but also a recognition of past achievements. It is worth mentioning that, Meng xuenong, talent, senior officials in the forest of the National Committee of the CPPCC, and also became Chairman of the Director, are showing their qualifications do not in General.

Back seat of the Central Committee, and not due to position adjustment the outgoing Central Committee, they will continue to perform their duties until the 19 general election.

Member of the 7-bit “Lok” three officials of ethnic minorities filled

18 have 7 Lok, a member since, they belong to the power core class, finally ended “many faltered.” One of the first to be knocked out of “the Tiger,” Jiang jiemin, Li and Yang Jinshan already is revoked at the plenum of Central Committee, top three alternate members of the Central Ma, Wang Zuoan, Mao Wanchun respectively elected. This year yilai, and has makes plans, and Zhou Benshun, and Dr pillars, and Su four bit member Lok Ma, which makes plans, and Zhou Benshun, and Dr pillars has in pre-session was “double open”, the v plenary Shang, they of Member identity will was revoked, by-election and Shang of will is Guizhou United Front Minister Liu Xiaokai, and Hainan Communist Party Secretary honorary and Jilin Communist Party Secretary Jinzhenji, they three bit are is minority.

It is worth mentioning that, after 18, Jiang jiemin Zhou Benshun and once served as an important duty, oil raise SASAC Chairman Chiang Ching-kuo, Director of weeks this obedience to the central political and Legislative Affairs Committee Secretary-General Secretary of the Hebei provincial Committee, had been seen as get reused. Two finally converge, and determination of the central anti-corruption.

(Note: the Chang an Street, known as the Beijing daily owned by app platform) Of the level was run by Li Ka shing the author


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