2015 third round of Central inspection launch three column

, Member of the Central Commission for discipline inspection of the CPC Secretary and head of the Central leading group on inspection work Wang on October 23 to attend central inspection work to mobilize deployment Conference and made a speech. Conference conveyed General Secretary XI Jinping important instructions on the inspection work. Wang stressed that the patrol should focus the General strictly administering the party, party rules of party discipline as a tool of the party Constitution, centering on upholding the party’s leadership, checking implementation of the party’s line, principles and policies and strict political discipline and rules, dark doing fine doing field visits to monitor, was a more prominent role by sword. Exit denied knowing finished Former Director General

It was noted that the implementation of the party’s 18 and 18 plenary session in three, four, carry out XI series, General Secretary’s important speech, according to the “four comprehensive” strategic layout, formulation and revision of a number of the regulation system of our party, party party ruler is more and more clear, system construction is realized with each passing day. Governing the country according to law, according to the rules governing party, party rules of party discipline is the cage system. New amendment of clean self-discipline guidelines stressed “four a must”, proposed “eight article specification”, established high standards; discipline disposition Ordinance draw members of behavior bottom line, is tube party rule party of ruler; party leaders selection appointments work Ordinance is selected on people, and with good of standard; visits work Ordinance is on Constitution determine of visits rules of followed and materialized, is central visits work approach of institutionalized. These are for carrying out in-depth inspections provide a powerful weapon. The system implementation, must not just talk about, write on the paper, hanging on the wall hanging. Central to carry out inspection work instruction and learning series, General Secretary, XI Jinping important speech, overall strictness of requirements combining to blend, and understand the spiritual essence of externalization of internalization in the heart and in action. Central inspection group should set an example, according to the party rules of party discipline, discover, formation of shock and awe. Each inspection group of party organizations and the visiting party to implement a comprehensive primary responsibility for administering the party strictly, pay close attention to implementation, the action.

Meeting stressed that inspections to focus fully strictly administering the party, closely adhering to the party’s leadership. The party controls the party, strictly administering the party, it tube party, the ruling party, we must first respect the Constitution. Chinese Communist Party only one party, effective for 87 million party members and all the party organizations worked. XI series important speech, General Secretary, whether on which aspects of the work, all to adhere to the leadership of the party, strengthen the party’s construction. Visit first thing to check is visited the party organization is protecting its authority, carry out strictly administering the party policy, play a core role of the party. Have different areas of work of the party, but the party primary responsibility for administering the party is a common political task, you must use concrete actions to implement the party’s 18 and 18 plenary session in two-, three-, four-, and maintained highly consistent with the CPC Central Committee.

It was noted that the focus on implementation of political discipline and rules. Visits are visits of leaders and cadres of party organizations and party members are political visits are not operational patrol. Our party is the ruling party, all discipline problems developing to a certain degree, in the final analysis is the destruction of political discipline will eventually weaken the party’s ruling capability, to shake the ruling Foundation of the party. Implementing the party’s line, principles and policies, both form and content, and ultimately even more important to see the result. Visits central ministries party, to check is not put full strictly rule party subject responsibility remember Yu heart, implementation in work in the; visits literature art party, will to XI General Secretary in literary work Symposium Shang of important speech for followed, see whether insisted has party on literary work of led; visits financial regulatory institutions and financial enterprise party, will supervision whether implement has central economic work and financial work approach; visits masses groups party, will check whether implementation has Central Party of Group Mission workshop spirit. Through strict political discipline inspections to ensure Central Government decrees, safeguard the centralism and unity of the party.

The meeting request, the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to inspection work, the more we should keep sober, with caution, treading on thin ice, reflect the respect of the Constitution, the fear of discipline. To strengthen the central inspection group party, turn branches into a strong fortress. Visited cadres around strictly administering the party, improving the ability to identify issues, summarized, seize, to grasp the similarities, master history, policy limit, reflecting the political and policy nature. To practice loyalty clean play, stick to principles, dare to face difficult problems. High standards and strict requirements, strict implementation of reporting and avoidance system, running air leak, fishing is strictly prohibited. Respect integrity discipline, leading the Central eight rules to implement effectively shoulder the heavy responsibilities and live up to the confidence and trust of the party and the people.

CPC Central Committee and the CPC Central work leading group, Central patrol Deputy Chief Zhao Leji, the CPC Central work leading group, Central patrol Deputy Chief Zhao hongzhu, attended the meeting.

Approved by the Central Government, 2015 central third round of inspections of the Ministry of education, the Office of the State Council three gorges project construction Committee, project construction Committee Office of the State Council, the State Statistics Bureau, the China Meteorological Administration, the State Forestry Bureau, the Central Party history research center, Chinese Academy of social sciences, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, China Federation of literary and art circles, the people’s Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission and China insurance regulatory Commission and China Securities Regulatory Commission, the State administration of foreign exchange, China Investment Corporation, the State Development Bank, the China CITIC group, China Everbright Group AG, agricultural development Bank of China, ICBC, agricultural Bank of China company limited, Bank of China limited, CCB, Bank of communications, China life insurance (Group) company and China insurance group company, China Pacific insurance group, LLC, China export and credit insurance corporation, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 31 Party subject to special inspections.


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