Mr XI United Kingdom literature reading book list

“Editor’s note”

From October 19 to 23rd, XI Jinping, China’s President to the United Kingdom on a State visit. Every foreign trip, Mr XI will mentions his reading list to the media.

Literary work and recently in public seminars in speech, Mr XI refers to the eight United Kingdom literary master. He said: “where I visited, the most intoxicating is the achievements of civilization created by the peoples of the countries. World civilization treasures abound, here I give several examples of countries, several national … … United Kingdom Geoffrey Chaucer, Milton, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Dickens, Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, Turner and other masters. “(Where Turner for the painter. ) What are the eight masters masterpiece? Surging news according to the statement, prepared Mr XI United Kingdom literature “book list”.

Chaucer: the Canterbury Tales

Chaucer (1343-1400) is a United Kingdom literary parent, is recognized as the greatest poet of the middle ages. The Canterbury Tales was a poetic short stories. As early as in the period of new culture movement began the translation of Chaucer. In December 1916, Lin Shu and Chen Jialin, respectively at the time of the Zeitung published a partial translation of the Canterbury Tales. The 1930, Chaucer experts began the translation of the book, was published in 1946 by the Chongqing Publishing House, a sea of clouds in the kangtebolei story. In 1955, the Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House, published by the Canterbury Tales is based on the 1946 Edition of continuity.

Since then, this edition has been republished:

In 1959, the new edition of the Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House.

Shanghai translation Publishing House, 1983.

In addition to the translation, another common version of the Canterbury Tales was Huang Gao hot:

Milton: paradise lost

Poet John Milton is the United Kingdom six literature’s greatest poets. His masterpiece paradise lost and Homer’s epic, the Divine Comedy, known as three Western poetry.

From the earliest versions of paradise, FUS, in 1933, was first published by the commercial press, but he’s only been translated six volumes in 12 volumes.

In 1958, the people’s literature Publishing House, reprint of Margaret Mitchell translation. !mWhy wear Chinese clothes need a beard: Jia pingwa’s offering f

In 1934, Zhu Weiji translations first published in Shanghai, was the first version of paradise lost in China.

Now the most common translation of paradise, is a well-known scholar-Zhi, translation published in 1984. Prior to that, Mr Chu has translated and published the other two representative works of Milton: Paradise (1957) and Hughes (1981).

Byron: Don Juan

Early 19th century romantic poet George Gordon Byron, fighting for an ideal life. Masterpiece Don Giovanni is a lengthy poetic novel, by his various romantic adventures, describes the real life of early 19th century Europe. Translations of the major poets of the Don Juan Cha Liangzheng (pen name of Mu Dan) and Zhu Weiji versions.

Zhu Weiji version of 1978.

Cha Liangzheng translations in 1980.

Shelley: the liberation of Prometheus, Ode to the West wind, to a Skylark, and the cloud

Percy Bysshe Shelley was a romantic poet. 1918-1919, Shelley completed masterpiece, four-Act verse drama Prometheus liberated, and in the autumn of 1819 to write the ODE. Caused by the clouds and the Lark was completed in 1920. During this period, is Shelley’s creative peak.

Shelley’s translation, May Fourth before a representative of Lu Xun’s and Su Manshu’s “Moro” or “gentle” two camps. The new culture movement period, Guo Moruo started translation of Shelley’s poems. In addition, along with Cha Liangzheng, Yang Xiling, Neath, who translated. Influence of Shelley’s poetry is also a romanticism of Xu Zhimo, Chinese poet.

In 1958, the people’s literature publishing house in Cha Liangzheng translation.

Neath translation published by the Hunan people’s publishing house, 1980.

Yang Xiling translation Shanghai translation Publishing House, 1981.

Keats: endi Weng Milton ‘, ‘ Ode to a Nightingale, the Greece Ode to a Grecian Urn

John Keats was a romantic poet, and Byron, Shelley, par. His “sonnet 14” is famous for but premature, died at the age of 25 years old. About Keats ‘ life, film a few years ago of the brightest stars (Bright Star), tells the story of his relationship with the neighbors, rich girl Stephanie. Keats’s poetry in the new culture movement, it has been translated to Chinese, but did not like Byron and Shelley, as highly respected, but also attract Zhu Xiang, Cha Liangzheng, a surname of interest. His poems on Wen Yiduo of the Crescent school and Xu Zhi-Mo’s impact is considerable.

Before 1949, Zhu Xiang’s translation of Keats’s masterpiece, Greece on a Grecian Urn, Ode to a Nightingale, etc.

Cha Liangzheng published 1958 Edition of Keats’s poems, poems of Keats’s poetry in the earliest versions.

In 1983, Shanghai translation publishing house launched Zhu Weiji translation of Keats ‘ poems.

In 1997, a surname translation of Keats’s poems, published by the people’s literature Publishing House.

Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist ‘, a tale of two cities, and of the great expectations of the

Charles Dickens was a 19th century critical realist writer, and his works are at the bottom of the little people, showing the United Kingdom the complex realities of society. In 1907, Lin Shu’s translation of the works of Dickens for the first time to the Chinese readers. Thereafter, in different of period, Dickens in China are has different of interpretation and positioning: May Fourth o’clock, he is “for life and art” of writer are of mentor; 560 generation, he “is not a Marx doctrine of revolutionaries, but human of Justice calls is in he works in the to loud to shouted out” (Sun Dayu); to has 780 generation, he and into has “humanitarian thought writer”. It is said that Charles Dickens was published in 1960 in China only allows foreign authors.

Thomas Hardy: Tess ‘, ‘ Jude the Obscure ‘

Tuomasi·hadaicheng longer than the southwest of England, so the background story written by home. His novels were gloomy colors, such as masterpieces of Tess (often translated as Tess of the d ‘ urbervilles), in the book of Jude the Obscure tragedies are in the invisible God arranged. Woolf what he calls the “United Kingdom master of the greatest tragedies in the novels”, Xu said: “his realism, his so-called pessimistic, his faithfulness and courage in the mind. ”

George Bernard Shaw: the Joan of arc, Heartbreak House, Mrs Warren’s profession,

George Bernard Shaw was born in Ireland in Dublin in 1925, won the Nobel Prize for literature. He was the United Kingdom modern realistic drama writers, good humor and satire in Wordsmith. May Fourth o’clock, new youth magazine launched the George Bernard Shaw in single issues, translated a number of his plays. In 1933, George Bernard Shaw arrived in Shanghai via Hong Kong, in the residence of Soong Ching ling met with Cai Yuanpei and Lu Xun and Lin Yutang and others. Later, Qu has also edited the book of Bernard Shaw in Shanghai, Shaw was selected to visit Shanghai posts and comments, etc.

In 1956, the people’s literature Publishing House published the Yang, Pan Jiaxun, Lao She, who translated the George Bernard Shaw play sets (three volumes).


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