United States Admiral retired behind the militarization of the South China Sea

People’s daily online, October 17, the sixth Xiangshan Forum held at the China National Convention Center on the day, morning plenary meeting of the first theme “trends in Asia-Pacific security: opportunities and challenges”. Russia and the United States, and Malaysia multinational representative, delegates expressed views on Asian defense and security issues, and make suggestions to share. , Referring to the South China Sea issue, the United States retired former Chief of naval operations, Admiral jiali·lafu Gary Roughead presented the “militarization of the South China Sea” concept, raised concerns the Chinese representatives, it was smelling a little “dynamite.”

United States former Navy Minister, retired Admiral jiali·lafu Gary Roughead said in his speech, the current challenges facing the sea is a concern, especially in the South China Sea disputes in recent years, and the “no need for militarization of the region. ”

Although only a few words, Roughead’s comments also make participants sensitive to smell a trace of “gunpowder”. In the interactive session that followed, the Military Academy of China and Director of the Centre for defence studies, major general Yao yunzhu, “How do we define the concept of militarization of South China Sea,” asked Roughead questions, and asks: “military exercises in the region is military? Presence of warships stationed in the South China Sea is demilitarization? ”

Roughead said: “I think the character and nature of a thing is used for military purposes and should be military, such as in the area of infrastructure construction in order to ensure that the military objective, that is military. ”

For United States representative of the “militarization of the South China Sea” concept, military experts told the People’s Daily Online, China reporters to express their views.

Executive Vice President of the Association of Chinese strategic culture and Secretary General Luo Yuan said that China in the construction of the first civilian in a South China Sea Island. “We can imagine that year in MAS 370 in the disappearance, and if we in the South China Sea with the lighthouse and rescue facilities, the international community will reduce many costs in the rescue operation. “He also said,” If you want to ‘ demilitarize ‘, first United States military ships do not came close to another country’s territorial airspace surveillance. ”

Executive ruanzongzeren, Deputy Director of the China Institute of international studies believe that United States this is a “double standard” is entirely in accordance with United States will define “militarization”. Infrastructure-building in the South China Sea a “militarization”, United States warship into the South China Sea is not militarization. American plan 60% warships deployed to the Asia-Pacific region, which is to strengthen the region’s military. United States more defense, more seem funny.

International military branch of military science society General Secretary, Member of the Secretariat of the Forum said Chen Xuehui of Xiangshan, China on his island, building the necessary defence facilities belonging to the island’s defense, this is common practice all over the world, how can the island defence as is “militarization”? Shanghai sperm bank was established 12 years donated

In recent days, the United States claimed part of the ships will be built in China’s Nansha Islands reefs within 12 nautical miles of the waters around the island, adding that United States Navy is ready and is awaiting final approval by the Obama administration. “The United States does this count as militarization? This was actually said, United States military, and China must be unarmed, this is the United States of a double standard, for which China and unable to reach a consensus. “Chen Xuehui said.


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