You use PQI Air Card wireless SD card review

PQI before launching a wireless Air Card SD card, which can be launched by mobile terminals can receive WIFI WIFI signal view SD card photo information, even able to upload and download photos, music, videos, then let us to test the practicality of the SD card.

The wireless SD card, can, at its power launch WIFI signal, as long as you can receive the signal of the mobile terminal and connect, you can view information SD card through its proprietary software, you can more easily view pictures SD card, currently An Zhuoping and IOS platform has its own dedicated client. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus Case

Next we look at the SD card’s appearance:

Box front


After you open the lid, PQI is all we can see Central Air Card MicroSD card, card with SD card adapter is set above, here is a simple multi-language instruction.

The PQI MicroSD is provided by Samsung.

MicroSD Class 6 grade.

Flip the MicroSD card we can see the card’s printed information.

Small series uses Sony NEX a similar result at will shoot next photo, and then connect by WIFI SD cards. Below the first WIFI signal, WIFI signal from the SD card is, is in need of attention, and SD card have to power to launch a WIFI signal.

Connection through this dedicated software in the following figure, you can see photos inside the SD card.

After the connection and open the software, you can see the photos.

But is very rare, you can view photos, but are unable to view larger … At least in my mobile phone cannot be enlarged, xiaobian colleagues use another Android phone can be enlarged, but his cell phone was not calling off the menu … It seems that the client is still very immature.

WIFI connection, or you can set a password so that only people who know the password can view pictures SD card.

Click the menu button, and see what other functions, refresh, share, upload, download.

Sharing is sharing directly to email, you can multi-select, together with some choose your own sent messages.

Download is to download the photos to the phone, upload from mobile phone to upload files to the SD card, not in detail one by one here.

Are worthy of ridicule, the private client is not very stable, and sometimes is not responding.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Plus Case

As long as always on camera, then you can see the SD card by your cell phone photos.

Yes, but by turning on the camera, then ways to view photos on mobile phones, but also through to pull out the SD card, use card reader USB interface power on, and then use the mobile phone view pictures SD card.

Wait, what does this seem wrong? Small series of ask two serious issues: since we need to open the camera to view photos on a mobile phone, why not view photos directly on the camera?

Since we need to power on the SD card is inserted in the card reader to view SD card content on mobile phones, why we do not view the SD card directly on a PC?

Of course, if you don’t like to plug the data cable to transfer your photos, so you can also use the client’s connection to send photos to your phone. If your phone or Tablet without a client, you can use your mobile device to connect to the WIFI SD cards signal, and then in the browser enter: in the browser to view your photos, and Home has special software for Android and IOS QR, also very convenient to download, iPad mini to do a demo below:

According to this principle, using laptop or desktop computer with wireless card can also use this method to connect to your SD card, but as to whether it is convenient, depending on your usage.

Actually this card on only: you took to has a Zhang very important of photos, you need immediately put this Zhang photos to someone, and you side and no computer, and no reader, and no camera connection line, and and you of camera also no since with of WIFI function, and you only a Taiwan can Internet of mobile terminal, only meet above of conditions, this Zhang SD card only finally can play it of role! The rest of the time, in fact, connect the USB data cable or card reader would be more convenient to use and management, and the transmission speed is faster and more stable.

So in that sense, this looks very high tech SD card becomes useless. Can say don’t spend 300 yuan to buy this 8G with WIFI enabled SD card.

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

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