This week s column featured Apple APP was Specter s invasion how do you iPhone

The sensational thing to Xcode events this week, that hackers came into the back door of the programmer, hundreds of millions of Apple users affected. Although the small series with iPhone, but by the effect of looking not too big you, holding a trembling heart catch hot spots. In addition to Daniel, analysis of security incidents this week, other good article is well worth reading. Small selection of 7 good, welcome to the brick gives draft:

1, Xcode event analysis: Apple security myths were broken, iOS confronted the biggest crisis! (Click on the title to see the original text) solar lighting solar powered light

“Editor recommended” Needless to say, the hacker can definitely go down in history. Currently Apple has reached hundreds of millions of users of the affected passengers, called Mobile Security history of historic events.

2, don’t upgrade, iOS9, your iPhone has been hacked! (Click on the title to see the original text)

“Editor recommended” Apple iOS9 released the same day, AirDrop capabilities were exposed in the iOS8 there is a very serious security vulnerability, this vulnerability allows hackers to remotely to any iPhone user to implant malicious programs, in reflection.

3, your phone lock screen password really secure? (Click on the title to see the original text)

“Editor recommended” a lot of people think so: my computer, cell phones are very secure because passwords are set. However, the phone locks really safe? If they can easily be found, then the code lock is useless?

Behind 4, 1 billion active users, Facebook, Daniel, what have they been doing? (Click on the title to see the original text)

“Editor recommended” Facebook steady subscriber growth, behind its mysterious Growth team. Facebook growth has had all kinds of trivial articles and reports on the team, but has been the lack of system-level and insider’s introduction. Writer is a Facebook software engineer, detail showing the team practice problems and solutions encountered in the process.

5, to challenge Intel-made chips Mars why question? (Click on the title to see the original text)

“Editor recommended” Mars chip on the fly at ease after the Hotchips Conference appear questionable, domestic chip technology is really hard to bear responsibility? Look at how chip expert.

6, striver fool-proof Guide (click on the title to see the original text)

“Editor recommended” as a struggling entrepreneurs in science and technology, how to use the time to improve efficiency? For example: every morning, wake you up is what you want to do, not what other people want you to do; to manage their tasks, not by any outside influence.

7 behind, and mission impossible 5 What are biometrics? (I) (click on the title to see the original text)

“Editor recommended” retinal and IRIS, who is the most favored by high-tech science fiction films? The dish known as biometrics, mission 5 promo, in which technologies are used?

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iPad Pro

As the Apple press conference before the start of the much anticipated new product, iPad Pro second debut. In introducing the iPad Pro, when he said, this is by far the most powerful of the iPad, the integration of the most advanced hardware and software technologies.

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