LG LSM-100 scan the mouse hand evaluation


LG LSM-100 is a scanning system Office mouse, the mouse outside the regular office use, but also through the bottom of the scanner to scan to enter information into the computer as electronic files, easy management, save time and effort. Now we start to experience how the scans of this mouse.


This scan is over before the mouse box, is interested to see the complete opening of the LG LSM-100 scanner out of the box inside the watch.


LG LSM-100 scanning mouse look dull. Mouse left-right symmetric design, the surface is glossy design, easy sticky fingerprints.


Wheels used textured materials, easy sticky dust, wheel a transparent outer belt installed drive on the computer can show Blu-ray.


The left of the mouse, click the scan button on the front to start the bottom of the scanner. Bottoms faux skin coating was used, feel better.


Right side.


The mouse connection. case iPhone Vans


From here we can see the LED inside the scanner and components, the mouse after you start scanning the part above the LED will light up, provide enough brightness for the plane sweep stroke.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626165613

Gossip not say, haven’t we mouse to install the scan driver, driving is also Chinese, do not worry not.

NEO_IMG_QQ picture 20140626165722

After the installation is complete, on the right will have the scan by default on the desktop mouse operation window.

Vans iPhone Case for iPhone 5 Brown Black

QQ screenshot 20140626165731

Give a big picture, basically, look at the picture in contrast to the appearance of the diagram above will be able to understand it.

QQ screenshot 20140626185356

Settings for the scanner interface, basically nothing, to see at a glance. case iPhone Vans


Start scanning when mouse wheel outer ring will be issued a blue light represents has started work.


Bottom LED will start flashing on the scanner, to scan with a fixed light source.


OK, we’ll try to scan some of the magazine covers.


After you click on the scan button on the mouse, and scanning system started working, with the mouse a little swept the entire cover, cover will also be entered into the computer. Scroll wheel to control the scaling of the picture, and allow you to scan for details.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626171729

Only simple presentations, we will only cover it, stop scanning software will enter the editing interface, you can control the cropping the scanned proofs, such as size, change the horizontal position.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626172053

We try to scan text, scan end enter the Edit screen, if you scan text and background color, respectively is not clear enough, you can change the contrast and brightness to adjust the next picture.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626172019

If the direction is wrong, also can fine-tune it yourself.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626172100

After clicking OK in the scan operation on your desktop window to see the picture you just scanned. Function for the window again, click on the icons on the Windows will copy the picture, you can directly within the chat window and paste this picture to your friends. Text icon after you click will automatically recognize text and extracted.


After this is to preserve the pictures.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626174204

We test text extraction functionality, note that this feature requires you to open a window to be able to edit the text, such as text files or you entered on the QQ chat box. Click on the text icon, text that can be entered into text-editing and layout as you scan.

NEO_IMG_QQ screenshot 20140626174526

We can compare the accuracy of text recognition, some words can’t correctly identify more strokes, but others are fine, visible text recognition is very convenient, encounter books, not a word for Word to type computer, scan directly to a wrongly written or mispronounced characters can.


On experiences in the scan, this mouse good scanning speed can be generated on the computer, and the clarity is good. But as a mouse, most operations experience in the day-to-day grip of changde on the use and feel of this mouse is very general. Middle mouse is slightly a little sunken Palm on top of feeling uncomfortable. Fingers to the roots is not supported, feel pretty bad.

As a scanner, it is qualified. But as a mouse, which is far away in the qualifying line.


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