World’s smallest mini r/c helicopter out of the box experience


Nano-Falco has a pretty title, is the world’s smallest infrared remote control helicopter. Manufactured by Bandai subsidiary of CCP development and at present there are different styles of various types of vehicles. Such a funny thing, we’re going to try to play down.


Packaging is not too much to say, as the usual Japan model toys, of course, the focus is still the world’s smallest r/c helicopter of the identity. Actually, there is a second generation Nano Falcon alpha, in the design were changed, and a built-in 3-band gyroscope sensor, can be many people in the same space, respectively r/c 3 airplane flying and noninterference.

White Polka Dot TPU iPhone 5 Case


There are two pieces of paper, namely, instruction and a variety of new products.


Looking directly at the remote control, not too different from normal. For uplift, on the left as on the right direction, channel switch, power switch. Rocker has two buttons in the lower part of which, namely around fine tuning.


Corner is a wonderful charging interface, which means that remote control is also responsible for charging the helicopter. polka dot phone case


Using 4 5th AA batteries the remote control.


Remote control infrared remote control operation through the front.


. Looking directly at the lead helicopter ontology is focused on you. Nano Falcon Alpha 8.11cm in length, weighs in at 11g using a flexible material, so basically how to do it does not damage the fuselage structure. It can do so little, is, of course, with the help of a variety of small precision components was completed, using rechargeable batteries, charge for 30 minutes at a time, life is just 5 minutes, is not finished.


Details surrounding all aspects, from nose can see internal structure of transparent materials, small parts and batteries, determines the world’s smallest rings and, of course, represents a quite life. There is a switch at the bottom and infra-red receiver.


If you want to use is quite simple, first helicopter switch, then power on the remote control, both after alignment can be paired successfully. To my surprise is that of nano-Flash Motors is to force, driving wind speed of the propeller of a small fan effect. polka dot phone case

As to how the actual feeling? There is a little bit hard to nano-Flash initial operation, such as back I hardly understand about is more metaphysical say, but by controlling the uplift has good control over the. As to how the actual run, look at the pictures.


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