Google restructuring, what do employees think? Pay who?

Google throws out the restructuring and establishment of the new parent company Alphabet, and Google become its subsidiary following the bombshell, it is no longer news, from Google+ to blog has been quiet. lunatik TAKTIK extreme

On Quora, some netizens questioned Google employees – “employees have any views on establishment of the Alphabet? “” The new big BOSS Sundar Pichai, Google employees are what to expect? ”

Part of staff gives their own opinion.

Deepmind project engineer Jack Rae said this year was the first year he worked in Google, Google made him feel he was in with a group of young creators of hard struggle with common values, rather than working for a company. He believes that the emergence of new companies can make better development of other projects of the company, can also help Google better. TAKTIK extreme 5

Another Jeremy Hoffman also share the same view, although the company’s move to his surprise at the beginning, but, he says, Google after becoming a subsidiary can be more focused on its goal of beginning of the creation of, without having to engage in the research and development of new projects, a move that frees up space for development to both the Alphabet and Google.

The new BOSS Sundar Pichai, employee Robert Love that his Office will give Google a fresh future. He said Pichai had the foresight, he has no wish to make cloud storage systems used for general storage, because in his opinion the future there would be no “file” this stuff, everything should be in the future is a cloud-based, mobile, and support for more devices.

Software engineering intern Shine Wang says, the news got out, intern chat room is bombed, they nicknamed this message for “Easter egg”, but everyone is worried that such a shift will have an impact on themselves. But he pointed out that to him personally, are no different, his life still is to listen to the songs knock code every day.

From all the answer, the answer is positive, but of course this is not biased, but it is not difficult to see that employees confused, after all, so far, they still do not know next month on their payroll who the hell would be signed.


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