3456 heavyweight flagship Nubia Z5 Smartphone released

On December 26, 2012, with a new “Nubia” operation of the brand’s first flagship models Nubia Z5 is published. This product has won many user’s attention before, despite the recent release of its flagship model a lot, but still failed to stop the Halo. Vivo X1, Meizu MX2, OPPO Find 5, this product as Nubia brand flagship model debut, read a lot, may wish to look at.


Product design, Nubia Z5 integrated design approach is used, which is not uncommon, but vary with the Z5. Nubia Z5 metal border is not a traditional one, but the metal frame and metal frame one, enabling greater frame strength and integrity, this is an unprecedented challenge. Z5 complete machine adopt aluminum alloy material, after 15 operations building, and thickness control in the 7.6mm of the fuselage, and the Apple iPhone 5 is the same as texture well.


In one design


Nubia Z5 in contrast to HTC, Samsung S3 Butterfly thickness

Nubia LDS antenna design the Z5 wide structure can ensure a better signal. Its shell is behind five detailed spraying, carrying the new Nubia interface, with strong sense of control functions, support answering, dialing, gestures take a NAP, and, the user-friendly design in place. In addition to the somatosensory function, and gesture control capabilities, including support for screen gesture, gestures, music and so on. Nubia Z5 supports NFC short-range communication scenarios with a label.


LDS antenna structural design

Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender Case Eden


New Nubia interface

Core hardware, Nubia Z5 uses Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processors, Quad 1.5GHz,Adreno320 graphics processor, 2GB running dual channel 533HMz memory 32GB memory of the fuselage, and supports up to 52MB/S transfer rate. With millet processor Google Nexus 2, OPPO Find 5, 4, can basically be regarded as currently the most powerful configuration. Otterbox defender S4 case


Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor

Screen, sharp Nubia Z5 features a 5-inch screen at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, official color better than ordinary IPS screen is displayed on the screen, but not as garish as Samsung’s Amoled screen.


5 inch sharp screen

Camera, Nubia F2.2 Z5 is equipped with 13 million pixels, blue glass IR filter, Sapphire lens, support fun/auto/pro shooting modes, supports an independent focus, independent metering, Super macro, dark field correlation of real locations, four to the panoramic photography and other functions.


13 million megapixel back-illuminated-type camera

Audio connection, Nubia Z5 used YAMAHA amplifier, Dolby 5.1 decoding, support WiFi Display, capable of HD TV and wireless integration support MHL (HDMI), can use mobile phones to home audio-video equipment film and television media.


Support MHL and WiFi Display (HDMI) Otterbox S4 active

Network, the Z5 has full network support, support for GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/EVDO/LTE, you can use China Unicom, mobile, telecommunications networks, to achieve a “three NET to eat.” In addition, Nubia Z5 battery capacity of 2300mAh.


Three CNC to eat

Regarding price, 32G version price is 3456 and another titanium custom Edition price 7890. Dumb money many people come.


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