Utility and prospects of analytical iOS-like UI

Since Apple’s range of products and is widely loved by players, the major production line manufacturers wanted to target the Apple products, so there have been a lot of copycat phenomenon. IOS system experience excellent, so a topic we discussed was: “the utility and prospects of iOS-like UI. “Small series with three machines to compare: 1: Apple’s new iPad 2: the Miracle of this easy one, codenamed” Dolphin “, 3: dual-core Hummingbird.

Prior to this, introduce new iPad configuration does not need to do more, we are very familiar with. Two China-made models, may have many people do not understand, analyze UI small series before smaller with a general introduction:

The Miracle of this easy one, codenamed “Dolphin”: Configuring the 9.7-inch IPS display, resolution 1024*768, Samsung Exynos 44,124 Orion processor, 1.4-1.6GHz,GPU Mali-400,1GRAM, 12000mAh Li-Polymer.

Hummingbird 2 Duo: 10.-inch IPS screen, 1280*800 resolution, processor rockchip RK3066, 1.6GHz speed, GPU Mail-400,1GRAM, 7000mAh Li-Polymer, a built-in three-axis gyroscope.

From the above configuration, the “Dolphin” in addition to screen resolution is slightly shorter, Orion 44,124 nuclear for its grace, that Austria Visual Hummingbird 2 configured for the current mainstream second-tier manufacturers of flat products, rockchip RK3066. Below, xiaobian given you one solution, welcome to interactive discussions with:

Appearance articles

Apple’s IOS interface familiar to everyone, in Settings–General – accessibility there is a AssistiveTouch function which, when turned on the screen will be a working virtual buttons on: alternative entity keys. Is as follows:

When not in use, the transparency of the button will be high, anti-jamming operation.

Falling from the top of the screen will bring up a lot of push messages.

The “Dolphin” interface is an IOS-like, as similar to the virtual buttons. But the press follows: when I click on the equivalent of back-II double-click to jump out of the running in the background of the program, double-click the HOME button on the Apple effect ③ press or HOME key returns to the main interface effect can be achieved. Is very practical.

When not in practical virtual buttons, transparency will enhance to prevent impeding operations.

Slide from top to bottom, and also bring up the menu, mode, brightness, the screen lock switch. iPad mini cover Marc Jacobs

Native Android system would be simple, virtual buttons at the bottom of live, back, home page, has a program menu and other functions. Equivalent to the available screen size becomes small in disguise, so many Android users using rabbit when hardware detection test their PC screen resolution, 1024*768 rabbit test the resolution of only 1024*670, this is normal, because there is less flat entity keys. Google’s three sons and four of his sons phone again, 4.69 inches screen, here is a virtual button, so the actual available evaluation of 4.69 inches.

Hands-on review

Long press the program icon, and then to move can easily program classification and shell finish, the “Dolphin” also can be completed. Meanwhile, long-press on the icon, you can easy to uninstall the program, and Android native interface, the uninstall program also uninstall program manager. (Mentioned here is the Android native UI of the system rather than the customized)

Double-click the HOME button to bring up a background process program on the Apple and IOS-like UI for easy “Dolphin” after you double-click the virtual buttons can also see the background of the program, and by long press on the icon to delete the specified program. So what’s different? Immediately below will be explained.

IOS-like UI for easy “Dolphin” can run any of the programs at the same time, double-click the virtual buttons, switch between the programs. While the native Android, under certain conditions, such as in the case of native players to watch a video, is not directly switch between other programs, you must first exit the watch interface can only be conducted.

But Android program has a features, you run of program, in background still will occupied is big of RAM space, this is why now with machine of upgrade, for RAM from 256M to now of 2G, are in for adjustment, so although said imitation IOS UI can achieved background program of switch, but cannot like Apple of IOS system as, open again more of program, are didn’t too big effect. Many testing small series, here are some screenshots of the data can see memory RAM charts daemon:

IOS-like UI for easy “Dolphin” in all programs, you can maintain full screen properly, iReader for example, Android’s native UI more than a row of buttons below. Some players may feel uncomfortable.

Marc By Marc Jacobs iPad Mini Silicone Case Dog

IOS-like UI stuff yet to be achieved:

When it comes to gesture, many players will think: WebOS system, typical of the phone is, of course, veer and pre3, flat $ 99 clearance was conducted in the HP touchpad; there is also a system, many people may not have played, QNX is the BlackBerry system is typical of gestures, represents the first tablet Tablet BlackBerry Playbook; iPad mini cases Marc Jacobs

IOS, and there are many gestures like IOS UI has not yet achieved: using gestures to switch between programs.

Role of HOME keys through gestures.

Done so much contrast, I believe we should be able to see, iOS-like UI on the actual operating experience is very good, is of course An Zhuoli, more Android-powered hardware, so the UI is a prerequisite for building conditions: strong hardware, optimized well. The “Dolphin” made of Android’s UI is based on 4.1 and above compared with the native Android 4.1 and is slightly flawed. But this does have pretty good, some UI benefits is worthy of recognition.

IOS-like UI can be said to be “fake”? Small series that people confused the concepts of imitation and fake. This UI is many people’s development and effort. Because IOS above all practical operation, worthy of Android manufacturers to learn from, so make believe that imitation of IOS UI can be a little more in-depth, can experience the feel of the IOS operating under the premise, then do more detailed points, could be a big selling point. If accepted, still depends on what you do out of the UI, can give users a good experience in different, as long as well, no one will feel like bad. Hope could experience imitation based on Android 4.2 IOS UI.

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Utility and prospects of analytical iOS-like UI


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