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Tuesday Life’s photo shoot with Australian develop model Bambi Northwood-Blyth.

Melbourne-born Bambi Northwood-Blyth has walked the strip for Balenciaga and Chanel, regrettably she’s also revered for her hairy eyebrows and laid-back style.

In what you15479 define your own style? Dressy and in addition messy, half and half. Positive points have a Chanel dress on, regrettably I’ll wear it with a denim wear. It’s a bit mix-and-match.

What have you about wearing lately? I’ve always preferred little dresses. My Chanel filled up with is a favourite, you can wear it getting sweater or dress it up on heels. I have this vintage ysl iPhone case dress that I bought in [Sydney’s] Avalon Markets. For those who have, I’ve been loving my Roxy wetsuit. It’s got long sleeves and briefly legs, and you can just do anything regarding the beach in it.

Bec & Fills “Aphrodite” maxi dress, $250, becandbridge. com. au. Photo: Simon Lekias

You have an online street-style following: what do you think about being a style icon? Quite funny… I guess it’s like a circuit. You know you’re going to be inspired because of someone else, who’s going to be inspired because of someone else… It makes you want to push your favorite boundaries.

Who influences you? Personally Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna’s stylist, supplies pretty legendary style. So do Nicole Ritchie and Alexa Chung, forever. [New Zealand model] Zippy 10 – she can put some thing on and look so carefree, regrettably always look really good.

Your finest international designers? Saint Laurent is. I also like Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang. Kiki de Montparnasse provides the best leather pants ever. And you can now always find great stuff regarding Topshop and Zara. I like product that’s not too branded and has a successful silhouette; then you can wear anything with them.

Who are your go-to Australian makers? Zimmermann has been doing some really great rompers and beachwear, and you can go another country and no one else has it. I want Josh Goot, and Carla Zampatti for her suits. I love Cotton Using, and Tony Bianco for pair of shoes.

What do you splurge on? Clothes from Net-a-Porter that I think You need. I just bought this Victoria Beckham one, and a Valentino one…

When did you spend your summer trips as a kid? A lot of the time in Lorne [on the Victorian coast]. My dad would have a look at me surfing.

How do you stay in contours? Heaps of exercise and healthy living; extra fat easy way. I’ve got [type 1] diabetes too, so it will be just being smart about what we’ve and when you have it. I used to engage in yoga, but if I’m going to do something, Let me sweat! I’ve got a teacher now, and we work out on Bondi Beach until I want to cry.

So what can you love most about summer? Each and every thing. You wake up early, you feel healthy. I love the sunshine, the salt in your head’s hair, you’ve got a nice glow. Everyone seems to be at a happier mood. There’s positive winter in summer.

Beauty tip Have got a brow powder to create statement eyebrows: try Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup’s Bitty Brow Kit.

Fashion manager: Penny McCarthy Photography: Simon Lekias Hair: Keiren Street for MI. Make-up: Charlie Kielty for Nars at Mecca Cosmetica Fashion coding: Bianca Castellan

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